Immigration Lawyers and Deportation Attorneys in Wyoming

 Foreign-born nationals come by the millions to work or travel in Wyoming. The U.S. has a lot to offer immigrant from all walks of life. Every immigrant has a different reason for traveling to the states. If an immigrant chooses to move to the U.S., they need to get legal authorization. There are numerous ways an immigrant can get legal authorization to be present in Wyoming.

Immigration in Wyoming

Wyoming is a rugged place that attracts thousands of immigrants who want to visit or remain in the state and put down roots.  Here we will share several facts about immigration in Wyoming via the Migration Policy Institute:

3.8 percent of the Wyoming’s population is foreign-born that amounts to 22,478 immigrants.

34.6 percent of foreign-born nationals in Wyoming are naturalized citizens

65.4 percent of foreign-born individuals in Wyoming are not naturalized U.S.

Why you should get authorization

There are approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. the Pew Research Center reports. Some of those undocumented immigrants enter by crossing a border without first getting authorization. According to Pew Research Center, about 40 percent of undocumented immigrants overstayed their visas and no longer have legal status.

Entering or remaining in the U.S. without authorization is risky and has some ramifications which can include detention, costly fines, and deportation. Some immigrants who enter the U.S. illegally are banned from returning for three years, ten years or permanently. Immigrants have numerous options for obtaining legal status:

Apply for asylum- Refugees who are fleeing war or persecution in their native country can ask for asylum in the U.S.

Immigrants must step up and obtain immigration authorization through one of the many options they have before entering the U.S. A person can get authorization through an immigrant (permanent) visa or a nonimmigrant (temporary) visa.

Immigrant visas are issued to the individual who wants to work or live in the U.S. for the long-term or permanently. Usually, immigrant (permanent) visas are awarded if an immigrant has the

Sponsorship of an employer

Sponsorship of family member or fiancé(e)

Sponsorship of a spouse

There are other immigrant visas available; visit the State Department website to see if any other categories apply in your case.

Nonimmigrant visa- According to State Department, U.S. immigration agencies issued over 10 million nonimmigrant visas. Nonimmigrant or temporary visas are issued for a limited amount. Following are the most requested temporary visas:

H-1B visa-  Person in specialty occupation with college education

H-2A-Temporary work in the agriculture industry

H-2B-Temporary work in hospitality

You can see a full list of nonimmigrant visas at

Getting legal authorization in Wyoming

If you need to renew a visa or green card or want to help a loved one immigrate to the U.S., you should speak to an immigration lawyer in Wyoming and get their advice. An immigration lawyer can help you avoid errors and making it easier for you to get legal status. Our accomplished legal team can assist you with a variety of immigration services, including a work visas, a family-based green card or another immigration status.