America, as most people describe it, is a melting pot of cultures and people of
different places. It is a place that was founded and built by immigrants. America is
meant to be the land of opportunities for anyone who works hard enough to obtain the
American Dream. The American Dream however, seems more of a nightmare for
undocumented immigrants who have resided in the Unites States for a number of years.
Most of the undocumented people work endless hours in blue collar occupations that
require a lot of their time and energy, but still they are living check by check. Just like
many natural born Americans do. Even though the undocumented people work like
Americans, they are not considered American because they lack citizenship. The
undocumented people have to live their lives hidden and scared of deportation. Living a
hidden life but working like an “American” serves no justice for them. Therefore, I
believe that there should be an immigration reform which focuses on the protection and
identification of undocumented people who have been living in the United States for a
number of years. The reform should also strengthen Homeland Security from recent
immigrants. Last but not least, there needs to be answers as to why there is a high
number of undocumented immigrants coming to country.

The protection of undocumented people is important for an immigration reform.
Undocumented people need protection because they take up the majority of the lower
and working class. There should be protection as far as their identity is concerned
because they are often paid under the table or have false identification. Undocumented
immigrants should get the chance to have a temporary identification permits that allow
them to work and file taxes like everyone else. It should also allow them a path towards
citizenship. There is action being placed for the protection of undocumented immigrants.
For example, President Obama proposed a bipartisan common sense Immigration bill,
in his bill he wants to give undocumented immigrants a chance to temporary live in the
United States for three years. He proposes to have a background check, have them pay
taxes, and pay for their temporary stay. I agree with the proposal, because they should
pay taxes and live like any other American. Additionally, I believe there should also be a
workers permit involved. Undocumented people should have a temporary worker’s
permit that allows them to have identification, like a social security card. With that being
stated, their temporary permits will allow them have less fear of deportation. However,
the privilege of having a permit should only be allowed for immigrants who are willing to
pay for the permit and have been living in the United States for five or more years. On
the other hand, the immigrants who should not be granted the path for citizenship,or a
permit, are those who have a criminal record. Those who do have criminal records
should pay the price of deportation.

Secondly, there should be protection from deportation for immigrants who have
natural born American children. It is important to protect families who have American
children, because families should not be afraid of deportation and separation. It is unjust
for parents of American children to be deported and separated. Families should be kept
together by DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans). DAPA is meant to
temporary relief the act of deportation and provide work for the immigrants. Just like
president Obama’s bipartisan reform, there are guidelines for DAPA. For instance, there
also needs to be a background check and five years of residency in the United States.
The bipartisan reform and the DAPA are meant to protect the undocumented
immigrants who have lived in the United States for a number of years. I believe that the
protection of undocumented immigrants is important. However, recent border crossers
should be taken back to their country. Recent undocumented immigrants should be
taken back due to population, economic, safety purposes, and scarce resources in
America. In order to do so, there needs to be more troops working for Homeland
Security. Homeland Security should be in charge of stopping people from crossing the
borders. They should also be held accountable for protecting America from acts of
terrorism and trafficking of drugs or people. America should be free of any illegal
contraband from other countries. Therefore, a perfect immigration reform would include
preservation and security from the Mexican and Canadian borders. There should also
be background checks for legal immigrants coming from any country.

Alongside of protecting law abiding immigrants and the borders, there needs to
be answers as why immigrants are coming to the United States. It is important to
understand why and who is coming to America. For example, many Americans picture
undocumented immigrants to be from a Latin American country, more specifically, from
Mexico. While, statistics do prove that most immigrants come from Mexico. It is
important to realize that the number of Mexican immigrants has dropped in recent
years. More recently, there have been more immigrants from Central America.
Although, the Central American immigrants would be considered refugees because
many are escaping violence in their countries. Therefore, It is important for people to
know why immigrants are coming to the United States, there are more reasons as why
immigrants come to America than for jobs. This is all due to the fact that America is a
place for opportunities. This is why it is essential to have an immigration reform that
protects by all people and the country.