The civics test is one of many requirements a Green Card holder must meet in order to have their application for naturalization approved. This particular test relates to American government and history and will test an applicant’s knowledge of it. Because the civics test plays a large role in determining whether a lawful permanent resident is permitted to become a U.S. citizen, it is always a good idea for them to have an Atlanta, GA immigration attorney help them prepare for the test before taking it.


Versions of the Civics Test for Naturalization


  • 2008 Civics Test

The 2008 civics test for naturalization is the version that most lawful permanent residents have taken and will take if they file their application for naturalization before December 1, 2020. Although an immigration lawyer is an invaluable resource that applicants can rely on to prepare for the test, a naturalization applicant can also access study materials by clicking here to visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ (USCIS) website.

The 2008 civics test is an oral test that is administered by a USCIS officer. Out of a list of 100 questions the USCIS officer may ask, he/she will choose 10 to ask. This means an applicant must study all 100 questions as they do not know which ones will be asked at the time they take their test. Now, in order for the applicant to pass, he/she must answer six of the 10 questions correctly.


  • 2020 Civics Test for Naturalization

The 2020 civics test is an updated version that applicants will take if they file for naturalization on or after December 1, 2020. Those who take the 2020 version will need to study 128 questions rather than 100 as required for the 2008 version and will be asked 20 questions when it comes time for them to take their test. In order for a naturalization applicant to pass the 2020 civics test, they must answer at least 12 of the 20 questions correctly.

Although the civics portion of the naturalization test will be updated, the English portion will remain the same.


Connect with an Atlanta, GA Immigration Lawyer to Prepare for the Naturalization Test


If an individual is looking to get their naturalization application filed quickly so they can take the 2008 civics test, they can contact Kuck | Baxter Immigration. For all others who are looking to apply for naturalization after December 1, 2020, they too are encouraged to speak with a lawyer to ensure they are prepared to take the new version of the test.


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