Anyone who wishes to come into the United States and live there permanently can do so through three main methods. They can do so through either family, through employment, or they can immigrate based on humanitarian grounds. For family, a person can get a visa based on having close family members that reside in the United States. For employment, a person may get a job in the United States that allows them to apply to live there permanently. Lastly, for humanitarian relief, individuals who are seeking asylum or refugee status may come to the United States to escape persecution.

Many people seek to live permanently in the United States because of the various benefits the country has to offer. Anyone interested in immigrating to San Antonio, Texas should not hesitate in connecting with an immigration lawyer. Many individuals make the mistake of trying to apply for immigration on their own, and when this occurs, they risk making mistakes on their application that could cost them a lot, and they may even lose their chance at getting a visa.

The legal application process can be tricky, and everyone should make sure they have a lawyer look over their paperwork before they go ahead and submit it. One mistake can have their application returned to them and can result in them having to wait much longer to receive their new immigration status. Also, sometimes individuals may forget to include essential information, and this will further prolong the process.

The difference between an immigrant and a nonimmigrant in the United States


Someone who has immigrant status is a person who is granted permission to permanently reside in the United States. Immigrants are allowed to work and eventually apply for United States citizenship. A non-immigrant is a person who enters the United States for a temporary and specific purpose, and they intend on returning to their country once that purpose is fulfilled. For instance, a nonimmigrant may come to the United States to be temporarily reunited with their family or to study for a short while.

Nearly all people who reside in the United States get to enjoy the fundamental rights of the Constitution. These rights allow them to have equal protection and the right to a fair trial and judgment. There are many different ways a person can immigrate to the United States and an experienced attorney can make sure they get their legal paperwork filed the right way so they can enjoy the right to reside in the U.S.

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