Immigrant Reform is a term that is used to described any law, bill or change done to the immigration’s policies of a country. In the past years that term has become a name, a name that represents a fight for the future of the immigrants on the United States. A fight between various postures that have a different answer to the same question: what do we do with the immigrants? Furthermore, some of this postures will be presented along with what I consider a proper reform needs.

There is a large part of our country who have a negative perspective about immigrants. They think that all illegal aliens must be deported.  The previous sentence has been an asset of debate for a long time, which has lately intensified. It has also been the reason we have had so many immigration reforms trough history, many of them, like the most recent one, seek to protect a large part of the illegal residents. Deporting all this people will have a negative effect. To begin, we will lose a great part of our work force and this will result in economic problems for many businesses. Another negative effect is the amount of families that will be broken if this happens. United States has a great amount of illegal parents with legal children. If we deport all this parents the number of parentless children will be too sad to tell and we do not have an answer to what will happen to them. We also have legal-illegal couples. This could mean a lot of fathers, husbands, mothers and wives taken away from home shattering homes. All these family dysfunctions will eventually result in social problems. The problem I would like to mention is the fact that there is a significant population among the illegal aliens that does not know they are not citizens. We are talking about people who were illegally brought into the country at a young age and believe they are citizens. This is something that must be taken into consideration.

Another posture is that we should make all illegal aliens citizens. In fact, there has been reforms seeking to achieve this goal. They have failed. For many this sounds like good solution because it does not involved deportation.  However, giving citizenship to all immigrants is as bad as deporting everyone. Like before this would mean an economical problem. The Government would have to invest in new health, medical and education programs, among others, and because of the amount of this population the spent would be to high to bear. There are also many companies hiring illegal aliens to save money, a practice which I am against. If they all become citizens, this companies will have two options, either firing all of most of them or giving them their full rights, including the federal minimum wage. Neither of those options is good for the economy. The first one leaves thousands of families without income and the second one will lead to the closure of many businesses. To give citizenship to everyone can result in social problems. We are not prepared to receive that many people. This could result on racial and cultural conflicts. We first need to educate people and change their perspectives about the immigrants. We also need to know who is entering our nation. Most of them seek the American Dream but part of them do not. Some of them are criminals and bad people among the many who come for a better future. This is another reason we cannot accept everyone.

Some say we should leave everything like it is. This will lead us nowhere. It would be like hiding the problem under the blanket. We have a situation and we need solve it. We have a system that does not works. We need a proper Immigrant Reform.

I believe a proper Immigrant Reform must be divided in phases in the following way. First, we reduce the number of illegal aliens that enters the country. We need to strengthen all of our frontiers. We need a security department that specializes in detecting the illegal immigrants before they enter the nation. Agents trained and focus exclusively on this task. By stopping them before they enter the country we are attacking the root of the problem. Second phase will be making the process of obtaining citizenship from the outside easier. Most people who enter illegally is because of how hard this process is. We need to made this process faster, yet more effective. We also need programs to educate outsiders about our nation before they enter. If we are able to make this process easier to complete, then people will prefer it over the illegal way. Third, we need to do something about the illegal aliens who already live in our country. We need to identify all illegal aliens. This is a hard task but is crucial in solving the immigration problem. Then, we divide them in two groups. One group will contain those who have a criminal record. If they have committed a crime in either the United States or their home country, they will be deported. The other group will include those who have a clean record. This group will begin the process to become citizens. They will be educated in what it means to be an American and their rights and responsibilities as citizens. They will also receive help in finding a job and proper education. We must remember that this is not about making citizen, it is also about integrating them to society. This is what I believe is a proper Immigrant Reform.