There are a number of reasons why people who are not U.S. citizens may be deported from the country. The most likely events that will cause immigration authorities to notice someone and try to have them removed are criminal activities. However, some people may also be deported for much less serious offenses such as not strictly following relevant regulations regarding visas and employment. The following incident represents a serious offense that will cause immigration authorities to deport someone in most cases.

Mobile man convicted of sex crimes will be deported

A deportation case that originated in Mobile Alabama was due to a man being convicted of crimes against his daughter and step daughter. Documentation from the U.S. Marshall’s Office alleges that he fondled the young girls when they were seven and eleven years old. The 47 year old male is an undocumented immigrant from Nicaragua, and he will be sent there after his seven year sentence in the United States is completed. The man also violated a protective order when making contact with his family, which was also considered in the sentence.

He was initially held without a bond due to potential flight risk. The man had been in the U.S. for some time with only an expired immigration card and no other relevant documentation about his citizenship or immigration status.

Why are people deported?

Deportation orders often have overlap with criminal offenses. The federal government looks to remove people from the country if they are not citizens or undocumented and receive either a conviction, adjudication of guilt, or take a no contest plea to a crime. Many times, avoiding a deportation order comes with successful resolution of the criminal case without a conviction or plea agreement. Experienced immigration lawyers have ways of coordinating these issues with criminal attorneys to help give their clients the best chance of remaining in the U.S.

Another common reason for deportation is violation of immigration regulations and laws. When people enter the country on a visa, as tourists, or under any other conditions, there are usually certain guidelines that call for strict compliance such as the time period a person can remain legally. Any deviation from these conditions can possibly result in deportation. Something as minor as not notifying Citizenship and Immigration services of a change in address is considered a violation of immigration laws. There is also relevant documentation that needs to be filed for those who want to work in the U.S. legally, while not following these procedures also can have deportation consequences if the person is caught.

Keep in mind that laws regarding immigration and citizenship are federal laws. This means that whether a person is living in Alabama or any other state, the laws are the same throughout the entire country.

How do lawyers help?

One of the best things an immigration lawyer can do is to recommend preventive measures. Once someone enters the U.S. legally, it is best to retain an attorney to make sure all the relevant procedures are followed and necessary paperwork is filed. If someone is facing a criminal charge, an immigration lawyer can also recommend a course of action that is likely to minimize the immigration consequences that result from the criminal case.

Get help from a lawyer before being deported

If you need legal help with deportation orders or other immigration issues in Mobile Alabama or any nearby parts of the state, there are attorneys available who can speak with you.