What are some important things Texans should be aware of when filling out their DACA application forms?

Anytime an individual is looking to apply for immigration benefits, they need to be sure their forms are filled out completely and that they are following USCIS’s filing requirements. Because some of these forms can be confusing to an individual who has never submitted an application to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or is looking to apply for new benefits, it is always recommended that they retain a Texas immigration lawyer who will walk them through the entire application process.

In the event an individual in Texas is looking to apply for DACA benefits as USCIS has resumed accepting new applications, there are few important things they should keep in mind as they are filling out their forms.

  1. Form I-821D requires a signature. If an applicant submits their Form I-821D without a signature, USCIS will reject it and return it.
  2. Forms must be the current version. If an individual files an outdated DACA application form, USCIS will likely reject it and they will need to submit a new one.
  3. Use a new form anytime an error is made. USCIS recommends that applicants use a new form when they make a mistake on their application. Information that is crossed out or covered with correction fluid/tape cannot be processed and will result in an application being rejected.
  4. Ensure the correct filing fee is paid. Most DACA applicants are required to pay the following fees:
  • $85.00 biometrics fee
  • $410.00 for Form I-765


  1. Information should be written the same way on each form. If an individual is required to fill out more than one form, they need to be sure their name, date of birth, and A-Number are written the exact same way on all forms being submitted.


  1. Ensure supporting documentation is submitted. Not only must an applicant submit supporting evidence to show they meet USCIS’s eligibility requirements to qualify for DACA, but they need to be sure their documents are in English or that they provide an English translation.


The Law Office of J. Joseph Cohen Can Help with the DACA Application Process


If someone has a question regarding the DACA application process or wants help getting their application filled out and filed, the Texas immigration attorneys at the Law Office of J. Joseph Cohen are always ready to assist. Because it is unclear what the fate of the DACA program will be, immigration lawyers are encouraging individuals to get their applications filed sooner than later.

If an individual is ready to discuss their DACA questions or concerns with a Texas immigration attorney, they can contact the Law Office of J. Joseph Cohen at 210-503-2800.


The Law Office of J. Joseph Cohen can be reached at:


310 South St. Mary’s Street, Suite 2100

San Antonio, Texas 78205

Phone: 210-503-2800

Website: www.jjosephcohen.com

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