Trump Blames Illegal Immigrants for Crime Increase in Chicago


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It appears President Trump is adamant on getting illegal immigrants out of the U.S. as he now has pinned the brunt of Chicago crime on them.

President Donald Trump has accused illegal immigrants of many things over the course of his political campaign including the loss of jobs that are being given to these individuals. He has made many promises, including building his highly talked about wall to prevent immigrants from coming into the U.S., and now, he is taking action as president against them. Trump is now placing the crime rate and increased death toll in Chicago on illegal immigrants.

While the Chicago Tribune has noted that property crimes reported have slowly decreased since 2011, the number of violent crimes have not. Chicago is recognized for many things, one being the immense number of crimes and murders being committed. Homicides in Chicago have shot up from 50 percent from 2015 so it is definitely evident there is a serious crime issue that must be addressed in Chicago, but, is it fair to blame illegal immigrants for this? Are they truly the group of individuals that are actually responsible for committing these offenses and killing off U.S. citizens?

Well, according to The Washington Post, “there’s little evidence that this is really the case.” In fact, many illegal immigrants find themselves coming into the U.S. seeking refuge from violent conditions they once lived in. And “studies indicate that immigrants broadly are more law-abiding than native citizens” as they risk being deported if caught committing a crime. But, Trump being the president that he is, has decided that funding will be cut in nine jurisdictions if they uphold sanctuary city policies. A “sanctuary city” is a city that helps those living in the U.S. illegally avoid deportation by limiting its cooperation with the national government.



Here’s another interesting fact.


While President Trump is throwing around claims stating that illegal immigrants are the cause of all the chaos and violence in Chicago, the DNA Info site collects data on homicides in the city. And guess what was discovered? Since January of this year, 190 deaths have been documented, 82% of them were black victims and only 4% were Hispanic. Majority of the illegal immigrants that find themselves residing in Chicago are of Hispanic decent. So how did Trump arrive at this assumption? Obviously there is a growing demand for more to be done to reduce this crime rate, but blaming a group of individuals will little proof to back up the accusation isn’t necessarily fair.


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