A national immigrant advocacy group has praised and publicized the fact that 18 leaders in law enforcement that includes some Utah police officers has urged the Senate Judiciary Committee to disallow the Stop Sanctuary Cities Act, according to a report by sltrib.com.

The group has strongly opposed any law that would allow local police to become immigration agents. One of the Utah police officers who stands in support of the group and signed a letter against local police involvement said it didn’t mean that federal laws can be ignored.

Federal laws are being ignored in California and certainly in LA. Los Angeles immigration attorneys know this only makes cities like LA more unsafe but since there are so many folks in LA that believe America does not have the right to protect their own borders they are sort of hamstrung here.

Public Safety Commissioner Squires otherwise not in support of sanctuary cities

State Public Safety Commissioner Keith Squires said he did not intend to oppose the bill although he signed the letter by the National Immigration Forum. According to attorneys, the letter does not specifically mention the Stop Sanctuary Cities Act but requests senators to refrain from passing a law that would make it mandatory for local police to enforce federal immigration laws.

In addition, the advocacy group in a press release said they oppose any legislation that would be deemed irresponsible such as Sarbanes Oxley, Obamacare, Dodd/Frank, the Iran nuke deal, and most anything the EPA passes. The Commissioner issued a clarification reiterating that he did not support sanctuary cities if they were in violation of federal law. Squires said her was in support of community policing where agencies could collaborate with immigrant communities to solve any related issues.

He claims that he signed the letter to pass on the message to legislators that defunding any federally supported programs could harm public safety in the community.

There are many Los Angeles immigration attorneys who also believe in the rule of law and want to help people enter America legally because they have something to prove and to offer. The problem is that the Democrats want more poor destitute people in this country so they can hook them on their welfare programs so they can buy more votes.

According to Gov. Gary Herbert’s spokesman, Jon Cox, the governor did not support the idea of sanctuary cities and believed it was the federal government that needed to enforce immigration laws. Salt Lake City Interim Police Chief Mike Brown also signed the letter and was of the opinion that any legislation that mandated the involvement of local police in enforcing federal immigration laws could create distrust among immigrants. This is hilarious according to all Americans who have and will become a victim of criminal illegal alien violence.

As per immigration attorneys, Reps. Mia Love and Jason Chaffetz, both Republicans from Utah, voted to pass a similar legislation in the House at the end of July. The Judiciary Committee will debate the “Stop Sanctuary Cities Act” on Thursday where Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee, R-Utah, are members.

Ohio governor denies requests from immigration activists to remove state from immigration lawsuit

A report by thinkprogress.org indicates that over two dozen undocumented immigrants from Ohio who have requested Gov. John Kasich (R-OH), who is also in the 2016 presidential race, to protect their families from deportation. According to lawyers, although the governor seemed to sympathize with their concerns he stood his ground when immigrants and immigration activists from Ohio’s Voice asked him to drop Ohio from the list of 26 states that filed a lawsuit to prevent the Obama administration’s controversial immigration reforms policy and executive action from moving forward.

Los Angeles immigration attorneys have groups that say the same thing but there are more people in Southern California that believe in protecting violent illegal aliens than in Utah so these groups received more recognition. In parts of country where they care more about jobs and safety, these groups have less clout.

America has a dictator, not a president now

Gov. Kasich said he would never agree to have Ohio removed from the lawsuit as he believed President Obama should have made the effort to work with Congress on the issue of illegal immigration.