The Voice of the Helpless

Immigration is a subject that can be traced back centuries to the early settlement of the pilgrims who immigrated to this land known as America in search of freedom and since then sparked the movement of immigration from around the world full of people in search of freedom. Immigration is the act of going to live enduringly in a foreign country for the better of themselves or families. Also, with the amount of immigrants who arrive to this country on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis there are those who need extensive help from immigration attorneys to help them better understand immigration laws, submission of a visa or green card, or help them from being deported back to where they originated from.

Immigrating to a foreign country is hard enough especially with cultural shock of a new population, but having to start over and possibly learn a new language without any help is a struggle within itself. Moreover in order for someone to legally live and benefit from foreign country they would have to follow the proper channels such as applying for a green card or a visa, but in order to do this immigrants must understand the laws at hand for immigrants, according to Reeves, Miller, Zhang, and Diza publishers and also immigration attorneys state “First, the forms are not always easy to understand.  Many of the forms contain complicated questions that require a person to understand terms and language which have a precise meaning unique to immigration law.  This meaning may differ from what many people expect it to be.  Thus, a person may deprive themselves of lawfully residing in the United States simply because they did not understand the question they were being asked”.  It can be very difficult to fully understand the law let alone the different categories of the law such as criminal, corporate, and immigration, but without a trained individual such as a lawyer it could extremely difficult to grasp the meaning and real definitions behind them.  Immigration lawyers help and defend those who are trying to move to a foreign country for a better cause and provide them with the knowledge and assistance these people need in order to legally reside in a new country.

Not only do immigration attorneys’ provide assistance to those who are trying to understand immigration law in a new country, but they also support immigrants with the correct and accurate documentation needed in order to legally reside in a foreign country. To continue, an immigrant new to a country such as the U.S. would need specialized documents such as when they arrived to this country, who came along with them, and where it is they immigrated from, and if they have ever had a visa in the U.S., however there are repercussions, if these documents are not properly submitted there could be serious consequences, according to the Asian Journal,    “ The failure to make this assessment before submitting the application may lead to something much worse than a denial – it may lead to being deported, perhaps within a matter of hours.”  Without the help from an expert immigration lawyer these people who are moving away from their home for a better cause or future into a society where almost everything is different such as the language they speak can make them fall through the cracks easily and therefore have their chance at a new life ruined because they did not know how to properly understand and fill out the required documents. An immigration attorney is someone who is dedicated to helping their client know exactly what it is they need to know in order to stay in a foreign country and that will help guide them through the lengthy process of staying in a foreign country such as the aggressive questions asked by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services during an interview with an immigrant applicant trying to enter this country for example, without the proper practice from an experienced immigration attorney.

In retrospect, immigration attorneys provide trust and hope to those who are trying to live in a foreign country for the better of themselves, family, or for their survival in some serious cases.  Also, they provide insight and firsthand knowledge on the documentations and interview questions that they will encounter by immigration services by helping these people understand what is required under immigration law in a specified country as well as, translate and help them understand what it is they need to do in order to follow all the rules and attain they living status in a foreign country legally. In conclusion, without immigration lawyers many immigrants trying to enter a new country will not succeed in their hopes of moving to a foreign country because they will not receive the necessary tools needed to attain a visa or residency card.


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