As “The New Colossus” states America is supposedly welcoming everyone around the world no matter the social status or who the individual is. Freedom is amazing, but a nation also needs security and limits. All are welcome to go through the process of becoming a United States citizen, which is preferred. Having security along borders to keep people from entering the country without legal documentation is necessary. Building walls is also necessary because people who don’t want to obey the law simply find a different way to come through. The idea of freedom is what separates America from all other countries. Many countries say that they’re free, but in reality the government still has the majority of the power, controlling the people. Freedom should be unlimited while safety is preserved.

There are a few ways to balance freedom and the number of immigrants the U.S. takes in. One of which is to do background checks on immigrants in order to ensure that they aren’t mass murderers or some other type of person that would put the safety of citizens in jeopardy. Another way would be to have a set number of families allowed into the country and a number of single immigrants let in. If families are kept together the0n it will be less stressful for immigrants as they go about becoming a citizen and a valuable asset to the economy of the United States. Immigrants should share the same freedoms as citizens, after all that is the reason they immigrate to the U.S. to begin with. One last way to balance it would be to give all immigrants a year visa and after a year see if they have a job and what their status is in the United States. If they have jobs, kids are in school, and are finding their way, then extend their visa and give them a citizenship test, which should also be made simpler to obtain.

Right now the citizenship process is extremely difficult and grueling, making it unrealistic for immigrants to become citizens within a reasonable time period. Most Americans could not pass the citizenship test so expecting people who aren’t citizens to pass it seems a little bit silly. The American government needs to revive the ideas of living “The American Dream”. People risk a lot to come to the U.S. and the people of the United States takes for granted what others risk their life for. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the right to bear arms are a few things immigrants desire when coming to the States. One of the strongest economies in the world is what people come to America for. Hope and desire fuel immigrants to suffer whatever necessary in order to make their dreams of making a good life for themselves in America a reality. That being said, a citizenship test should definitely be implemented. But it should be in order to confirm an immigrant’s knowledge of our country, not try to keep them out. If it was easier to become a citizen then there would be less illegal immigration and walls wouldn’t be needed.

Building a giant wall would be more a mental strategy than a physical barrier.  A wall signifies separation. There are many ways to break a wall down or get around it; the point is not only to keep illegal immigrants out, it is to show America’s views and thoughts of what illegal immigrants bring in to the U.S. such as crime, drugs, and no intentions of helping the economy. Not all illegal immigrants bring those things in but the majority does. Illegal immigration does not always come with bad intentions. A lot of the time Mexican families just want to provide a greater quality of life for their kids than what they have had. But unfortunately there is a way to go about that and risking your life to cross a desert is not the right way. Obtaining a visa and going through the steps to become a citizen is the right way. A wall should be built stronger than it is currently, higher than it is, but stopping illegal immigration will require much more than a big wall. It will require open-mindedness and that is something American politics and government lacks. That being said it is time to act for the good of humanity, not just the good of Americans. Helping immigrants become Americans is one way we can start.

All in all it is the essence of freedom that all people thirst for. America is the single cloud of rain above a parched desert. Expanding the cloud and making it bigger is the way to spread freedom throughout the world and also spread democracy. Letting people into the United States is making that cloud bigger. The overall goal is to cover the sky with thick black clouds that eventually erupt in a massive storm. Building America up means building freedom. If the people being allowed into the United States are not examined carefully though then the essence of freedom will be at stake. Those people with bad intentions could slip into the freedom party and detonate a bomb that clears the sky of freedom. If that happens then the government will be forced to take more if not full control of the country and how it operates and the idea of freedom could very well be altered to the extent that it no longer exists. That would make everything the founding fathers of this nation worked for and those after them useless. The U.S would be no different than any other country proclaiming that they are free. Making America the best country in the world requires immigration laws and security for citizens and also immigrants. At the end of the day there is a route that could be taken to potentially fulfill dreams and aspirations, and there is a route that will help no one.