Deportation in the United States is something that has not crossed my until the previous
presidential election. Deportation of illegal immigrants in the U.S. did not seem to be a problem
that was evident. The fact that there are millions of illegal immigrants in the country was
astonishing to me. Some illegal immigrants abide by the laws of the land (other than being here
illegally) and others act in criminal activities. Deportation in America is a misunderstood, sad,
and necessary issue in the United States.
There are many misinterpretations of deportation in America. Many people think that all
illegal immigrants come from Mexico. To contrary beliefs there are millions of immigrants in the
United States that are not Mexican. So with that being said Mexicans are not the only illegal
immigrants who are and should be deported. Another key misunderstanding about deportation in
America is how it happens. As mentioned before there are millions of illegal immigrants in the
United States and deporting millions of immigrants out of the country in a short amount of time
would be an extremely difficult task. Law enforcement has to track and locate the illegal
immigrant before deporting them. The actual deportation process itself takes some time as well
and often it is not as simple as moving someone out of the country. Another thing that is not
thought about deportation is the millions of dollars in expenses that it would cost to deport every
illegal immigrant in the United States. The United States has trillions of dollars in debt so
deportation of illegal immigrants has not been priority until recently from our president. As a
result of deportation being brought to the limelight many illegal immigrants are in hiding which
would make the process even more tedious. Even though there are somethings that are
misunderstood or misinterpreted somethings are just overlooked by many people.
The sadness of deportation is something that is overlooked by many people. Some people
have no sympathy for the reasons why some illegal immigrants came to the United States in the
first place. Many illegal immigrants come to America for the same reasons legal immigrants do.
The United States is arguably the most sought after country to live in which explains why there
are so many immigrants illegal or not. Something to keep in mind when about thinking about
someone fleeing their homes in any life form is that there is usually a pretty significant reason
behind the immigration. Most immigrants who move to the United States illegally are in
inadequate conditions for life. The millions of people who come illegally also either came from
poverty and still live poverty due to not being able to work anywhere. Legal immigrants are able
to work and earn a living while illegal immigrants have to depend on legal citizen family work
illegally which does not pay well because there is no minimum wage. Many of the people that
come illegally are fully aware of the living conditions that they are getting into but, the risk is
worth it to them because of the ability to their family members that have already immigrated and
to escape whatever harsh living conditions their in. These are some of the sad realities of illegal
immigration. The fact that some people feel so bad in their corresponding countries that would
rather face the gruesome living conditions of being an illegal immigrant in the United States.

However, there are also some necessary truths about deportation of illegal immigrants that need
to be addressed.
Deportation of illegal immigrants in the United States is necessary. The fact of the matter
is that it is against the law for illegal immigrants to live in the United States. With that being said
deportation is a necessary evil that is needed to enforce the law. It is not fair to people who went
through the immigration process the right way to just allow illegal immigrants to reside in the
country. Deportation is simply a way of enforcing the law of the land. Only people who are not
citizens should be deported. In the United States many ethic groups have fought for the right to
have inalienable citizenship and allowing people to compromise the law is degrading to the
people who have fought for their citizenship. Deportation is necessary to uphold the integrity of
the laws that have been set in place in the United States.
Deportation in America is filled with sadness and necessary truths. People often
misinterpret or misunderstand certain stereotypes about deportation of illegal immigrants. If
more people get a better understanding of deportation the process itself could improve. If more
sympathy was shown to the hardships that illegal immigrants have to face there could be a
change in the law through voting for an alternative to deporting people out of the country.
Deportation is sensitive matter in the United States right now. People who should no fear of
being deported are scared for their lives as they know it. Deportation is an issue that needs to be
resolved address for the well being of the United States and new ways of the entire immigration
process should reviewed for the future. It is possible to turn this negative issue into something
positive with change.