The Reality of What Happens Inside an ICE Immigration Detention Center

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When an immigrant is taken into the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and held at an immigration detention center, it is likely these individuals are being exposed to some of the harshest conditions. While many jails are used to house immigrants, it can be expected that immigrants detained by ICE are mixed together with local criminals. Not only does it make living conditions much worse for these detained immigrants, but it also puts their lives at risk.

If your loved one was recently detained by ICE and is being kept in a detention center in Georgia, it is important that you contact us here at Kuck Immigration Partners to speak with one of our Atlanta immigration attorneys. With the right legal representation, your loved one might be given an alternative consequence as opposed to having to spend time behind bars. And if you only knew what the conditions were like in many of these facilities, you would want to take action immediately in an attempt to get your family member out.

What are the conditions like in an immigrant detention facility?

To give you a better understanding of what it’s like in an immigration detention center, we are providing you with some details from a report that was produced by Project South, which is an Atlanta-based social justice organization [ Source: The Hill].  Reporters were sent out to interview some of the detained immigrants about what it is like to live in a detention center. One immigrant who was interviewed stated that during his visit to the providing dentist who performs work on detained immigrants, he asked to use the restroom. His hands and feet were tied to the toilet and a chain was wrapped around his waist tightly.

Because the 36-year-old man had undergone bladder surgery years prior, he was instructed to avoid any further injury to his bladder. But, when the officer wrapped the chain around his waist, he physically couldn’t use the restroom. He pleaded with the officer to loosen it, but the officer refused. As a result, he suffered from severe pain and “had urine leaking through the twenty-year-old surgery scar.” Although he requested medical care, he rarely received care in a timely manner.

Some of the other conditions individuals are forced to live under in immigration detention centers include:

  • Threats of force-feeding for participation in hunger strikes.
  • Sexual abuse
  • Lack of clean drinking water.
  • Lack of adequate access to legal materials or attorneys.
  • Being served rotten and spoiled food with occasional foreign particles inside.
  • Served food in insufficient quantities.
  • Lack of adequate medical care.

The fact is, many immigrants are taken into custody and thrown into a facility, neglected and uncared for. Whether your loved one may have committed a crime or was wrongfully accused of breaking the law, there may be a way to get their time reduced or have them removed from the facility altogether if they haven’t been sentenced yet. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us now by calling 404-816-8611 where you will be connected with a reliable and dedicated Atlanta immigration lawyer who can help you and your loved one.

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