The Need For Immigration Reform – By A Student In Gainesville FL

Immigration reform is a political idea often misconstrued to deceive our society . This commonly results in the blaming of immigrant minorities for the problems currently plaguing the nation. Unfortunately, innocent immigrants are receiving blame for actions they did not commit and problems they have not augmented. It is widely accepted that the prosperity of this country has for centuries been founded upon the economic and social misfortunes immigrants’ labor; this has, in many ways, helped make this country what it is today.

Immigration reform at current seeks to blame the innocent many based on skin tone, ethnic background, and nationality. Instead, reform should adjust its focus to the genuine agents of economic troubles. In this way, immigration reform is using nationality as a scapegoat for corporate layoffs, downsizing, welfare, and other unfortunate economic situations . Economic instability, rising unemployment rates, welfare, and overall deplorable social economic situations are placing the blame on the innocent migrant rather than focusing on the difficult problems at hand.

Many proponents of immigration reform argue that our national economy continues to fluctuate causing a decrease in job opportunities for Americans. Proponents blame the loss of jobs on illegal immigration, more specifically on the Mexican. This mentality fails to recognize that these immigrant frequently are only able to better their lifestyle by doing the menial tedious jobs that most Americans would never imagine doing. Migrant workers and immigrants often pick grapes, prune vines, gather tomatoes, and pick peaches; these are just a few examples of the physically demanding labor that immigrants regularly perform. These jobs require very little expertise, rather they demand a physicality and a will to sacrifice one’s body from sun up to sun down as a means of survival. If it is true that illegal immigrants are taking away American jobs, then why are there so few Americans who pick fruits and vegetables in the fields for a harvest?  They hire unskilled immigrant workers because most Americans would not work in those conditions for that pay. Thus, these immigrant workers are not posing a threat to American employment  or to the American crop production. It is not a matter of competition,  but instead of prejudice.  I argue that what we need to do is concern ourselves less with wrongfully  blaming the disadvantaged,  and instead concentrate  on meaningful  political reform and anti-free trade agreements between large American corporations and organizations interested in fulfilling their own agendas.

Other proponents of immigration reform argue that the true purpose of immigration is to allow migrants to reap the benefits of welfare. If this were true immigrants would take a much larger portion of tax dollars. Instead the argument that immigrants are flooding our nation to live off of billions of American tax dollars holds no water. It is more true that the majority of our taxable money goes towards military spending and government projects. As a nation, we are blaming government taxation on welfare and not on the government’s efforts towards works projects, the military and its wars, and in reality the system itself. While welfare does come from our taxation fund, it seems so miniscule in comparison to these other spendings, especially the spending on immigrants. it seems plausible that welfare serves as a

means of justification for people’s anger towards taxation, since it would be more difficult to be angry at the paying the police force, or funding schools, or paving roads. This certainly creates an innate disgust for welfare, which is highly evident. As we blame welfare for our tax woes, we tend to direct our anger at the recipients of welfare . While most of these people are Americans, we tend to prey on the weak and defenseless, thus drawing a direct correlation between immigrants and welfare.

Immigrants are here to meet demands of a workforce that is non-existent within our country. Unfortunately, they are endowed with minimal rights and it is easier and more feasible to point the finger of blame on them rather than blaming those that are actually at fault .

We live in a society which is made up of immigrants from different corners of the globe. In fact,the United States of America is historically a nation of immigrants. It is obvious that as Americans we have forged an immensely successful nation that will continue to prosper at the hands of various ethnic groups. Immigration reform in its current stance seeks to blame the innocent immigrant instead of dealing with the factors involved in the economic woes, unemployment rates, and wage fluctuations involved in the reality of their situations. As a people we have resorted to blaming the defenseless . It seems highly crude to think that we as Americans have not learned to stop blaming the immigrant for our own problems, since we are in fact, a nation of immigrants. But I do have hope for better. I have hope for immigration reform to not be a means of blame or a justification for discrimination, but rather an effective tool to end an economic problem for immigrants to the United States.