The Importance of Having an Immigration Lawyer in Lake Charles

Immigration is a topic that I have recently become all too familiar with-indirectly, but familiar nonetheless. I had never understood much about immigration in the past. I never had to. I have been a United States citizen my entire life. However, in a few short months I will marry a man here in the United States who is from another country. No, he has not been here most of his life, and no, he did not speak a lick of English when he came here. In fact, his immigration situation was a mess when he came here. I cannot speak enough about the importance of his immigration lawyer. If it were not for her, I might not be planning a wedding right now.

My fiancé did not want me to use his real name in this paper, so we will call him Bryan. The circumstances surrounding Bryan’s immigration to the United States were probably quite different from most situations. He faced some difficult legal issues. However, the lawyer who took his case was his only saving grace. She was able to explain the details of the laws in a way that he could understand. I never could have imagined the complexities of the laws. As I mentioned before, Bryan did not speak English when he came here. There is no way he would have been able to handle and navigate the plethora of paperwork that was needed for his case, even with his own translator. This attorney spoke both English and Spanish so she was able to communicate with him as needed and explain everything to him. Now, of course I speak English. But it would have been impossible even for me to decipher the paperwork and fully understand what the government needed from Bryan. Between the paperwork and the numerous and various documents he needed to provide, the process was exhausting even though he understood exactly what he had to do. I cannot imagine him trying to figure all of that out for himself. And though the demands are complex and extremely intricate, there is no room for error.

In the immigration process, mistakes can be very costly. There are certain procedures and waiting periods for just about everything. Even a single mistake on an application or paperwork could cost someone a lot of time or even his right to remain in the United States. Very meticulously, Bryan’s lawyer was able to ensure that each paper, document, and task was completed successfully. Additionally, lawyers know what to anticipate. Whether it is waiting periods or what will be needed next, the lawyer is able to help the client understand and prepare for what is to come. There is too much at stake in this process for one single step to be taken incorrectly. The repercussions are too great not to have a professional see it through.

The average United States citizen probably does not understand the complexities of immigration into our country. How could someone from another country, especially without speaking English, be expected to proceed through immigration and communicate with our government without err. I would say it would be nearly impossible. What about when an immigrant is required to plead his case in a U.S. court of law? An immigration attorney is extremely vital in a court situation. Bryan had to appear in court, and his attorney was able to explain to him exactly what to expect and what to do. Together, they got through the case efficiently, and the judge ruled in his favor. The results could have very well been different without an immigration lawyer present and pleading his case.

Today, Bryan is authorized to work here in the United States. He is now also fluent in English. Soon we will get married, and he will apply for his residency. In the upcoming years, I believe he will become a United States citizen. These future processes will still take time, but with the help of his attorney, he was able to put a very difficult and complicated legal situation behind him. He now knows what to expect in the future, and the upcoming demands will not be as great as they were previously. Words cannot express how grateful we both are that he had a competent immigration attorney to straighten out the jumbled process that is immigration. People often complain that lawyers are too expensive. However, the work that they do is invaluable, especially in a situation like Bryan’s. I do not believe his situation could have been resolved by anyone other than a professional. She spent many, many hours on paperwork and mediation between Bryan and our government to get him where he is today. For that, we will be forever grateful. Who knows where my fiancé or I would be today without the imperative and impeccable services of his immigration attorney.