The Importance of Having an Immigration Lawyer – From a Student in Waxhaw North Carolina

Immigration lawyers provide invaluable counsel, knowledge, and assistance to foreign citizens and immigrants struggling with immigration and naturalization processes. While in some cases, persons can complete their own applications without the assistance of an immigration attorney, oftentimes the expertise and experience of a lawyer can go a long way. When filing for visas, green cards, and citizenship, the rigorous documentation needed can become complicated. Lawyers have long­term experience with the processes immigrants go through, and know exactly what to expect when filing for citizenship. As such, immigration lawyers can help ensure a greater chance of application approval. Further, in immigration court removal cases, immigration attorneys serve as legal representation. Because immigration lawyers offer both expertise and assistance in immigration processes as well as legal representation in court, it is recommended to hire an attorney before proceeding with any complex immigration process.

The processes involved in obtaining visas or citizenship are rigorous. There are dozens of documents and laws that are relevant when requesting a work visa in the US, for example. Good immigration lawyers have an understanding of them all, and help clients to work through the necessary documents and know their rights and limitations as the experience unfolds. Making an error can lead to the postpone or even rejection of an application, so knowing exactly what needs to be done is vital (“5 Benefits of Hiring a Good Immigration Lawyer”). While application processes are often new and unfamiliar to immigrants, they occur every day for immigration lawyers. These attorneys can help alleviate the stress and anxiety of filling out specific documents and forms, and can verify that information is conveyed correctly and appropriately.

In some situations, the assistance that an immigration attorney can offer is especially important. Clients in special situations, such as those who have committed a crime, have a communicable disease, have already applied and been rejected, or are at present risk of deportation, often need quick and comprehensive help. Time­sensitive and special cases pose challenges difficult to deal with on one’s own, making an immigration attorney all the more important. When cases take an unreasonable amount of time, lawyers are sometimes able to obtain expedited processing, which can be important for those immigrants who are facing impending deportation (“The Role of Immigration Lawyers”). Immigrants whose marriages to US citizens have ended via death or divorce often have great difficulty proving that their marriages were not fraudulent, and thus whether their citizenship is now valid. Immigration lawyers are vital in developing these clients’ cases, as the divorce or death of a spouse prior to the removal of conditions of residence can create complicated issues for those seeking permanent residency (“The Role of Immigration Lawyers”). Immigrants asking for any form of discretionary relief, such as asylum, also have higher need for immigration attorneys; the necessary legal processes involve convincing regulators to grant exceptions or special benefits to applicants (“The Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer”). In circumstances such as those above, the benefits of hiring legal counsel become essential to winning an immigration case.

While some immigration cases can be handled solely via paper applications, more serious cases may involve a court appearance. In these situations, an immigration lawyer is most important. Having legal representation can mean the difference between staying in the US and being deported. Immigration court removal cases occur for any number of reasons. Typically, they are the result of immigrants entering the US illegally, or obtaining visas but staying longer than permitted (“Dealing with Deportation or Removal”). If an immigrant chooses to argue his case, he must attend a “merits hearing.” Here, he will try to convince the judge that the immigration offices made a mistake, or that he has legal grounds to remain in the US. This is where the duties of an immigration attorney are required. Legal representation solidifies and polishes an argument, making approval more likely. If an immigrant is expected to appear before a court, an immigration lawyer is of great importance.

In any situation, an immigration attorney provides valuable support and knowledge to an immigration case. Immigration lawyers offer expertise and experience when helping immigrants to fill out applications for visas or citizenship, can quickly deal with time­sensitive and special cases, and can offer quality legal representation should a client be expected to appear in court.

Regulations on immigration today are strict and complex, so much so that average people often find them confusing or difficult to navigate. The knowledge of an attorney in these situations can alleviate stress and, more importantly, solidify and ensure a case’s success. Whether a case is

that of a typical, working­class family seeking citizenship or a visa applicant with a criminal record, an immigration attorney is a valuable asset. Because of the widely encompassing assistance and benefits legal help can provide, the importance of a good immigration lawyer is unquestionable.