The Great Immigration Debate in America

Republican presidential nominee hopeful Donald Trump has opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box with his words on immigration. And about a week after Trump opened this conversation, a 5 time illegal murdered an American woman in San Francisco. Of course Americans have been getting murdered by illegal aliens for years now.

American southern border chaos

According to an article by Eric Posner, a professor at the University of Chicago Law School, published on the Slate website (a liberal website) talks about how Trump’s plan, although attractive to those who oppose immigration is practically impossible to execute. But it is not really impossible. Posner is very ignorant on America’s air force capabilities. But countless Americans do not want to see families ripped apart but they do want to see America’s border secured and they do not want to see non-English speaking illegal aliens rewarded with citizenship.

Posner does not believe in American sovereignty nor does he defend the Americans being murdered by illegal aliens. Immigration lawyers who can be found on the sunny legal website all over America are happy to work with any person willing to do it the right way and who have something to give to America in terms of work productivity.

Trump wants to build a wall to protect America’s southern border. This is the same thing that European countries are doing right now to keep Arabs and Africans out. Trump is not the only one that wants to build a wall to protect Americans either.

Immigration lawyers and activists reckon there are about 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Many of these illegal immigrants do not know English and still drive a car. Many of these illegal immigrants are on food stamps and our clogging up America’s emergency rooms.

Why the intense fear of immigrants?

There is a biased article published in the Vox by Dara Lind. She states the main reason why Donald Trump’s rhetoric about immigration is not about jobs. How about protecting Americans? How about securing our border? How about stopping this anchor baby mentality? It is about all these things Lind.

She cites several academic studies to point out that many Americans are not really worried about immigrants taking away their jobs. But academic studies live in the land of theory. They do not always reflect reality and rarely ever do. Americans are upset that their tax dollars is going to people who cut in front of the line and have shown no personality responsibility in their life.

The word “jobs” is a euphemism for culture and many Americans fear immigration is a direct threat to their cultural identity and that is what makes them so fearful. This could be true too. So what is the issue with this? How can a teacher teach students who do not know English and have 25 other students who need to learn?

Eric Posner feels politicians don’t use the culture as a way to oppose immigration, as they may come across as racist. Posner goes on to state it is perfectly alright to care about culture. Many people believe that if you do not protect your culture your surroundings could change. Mexico is not really a successful country so millions of Americans do not want to see their country turn into a country that does not function well and that has very little clout on the world stage.

Cultural and political values are interwoven

There are academic studies to show cultural values have an impact on political values. And, if America sees a wave of conservative Muslims and religious extremists settling in the country, it would have a profound effect on the culture of the nation. However, unlike Europe, the US has not witnessed mass migration to irrevocably alter the cultural values of the nation. There are immigration experts who believe England and France and Germany have made a serious error in allowing so many Muslims to enter into their country.

Now these countries are under assault in some communities and political correctness is preventing the authorities to do what should be done. Many of these Muslims in these European countries should be deported but political correctness thinking would paint these countries as racist if they started doing this. Now these major European countries are in a catch-22.