Fort Myers, FL – Immigration issues can have a number of important consequences for a person who is attempting to gain their citizenship or permanent legal resident status. One immigration law that has created some confusion and controversy is DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Several hundred thousand young people, mostly in California, Texas, and New York received temporary protection under this executive act as long as they met some basic requirements. 

The DACA program

DACA was originally intended to be a program where some minors who were brought to the U.S. illegally as young children could temporarily receive work visas and immunity from deportation. However, there were issues with the program, as it seems that it was never intended to offer a legal pathway to citizenship, and anyone receiving protection under DACA would eventually lose their legal status and face problematic consequences, including deportation or criminal charges

After its initial passage in 2012, the program became a contested political issue, as the long term status of the minors protected under DACA was in question and the issue was never totally resolved. The program was also created under executive order, which raised issues related to the separation of legislative and executive powers within the federal government. Various politicians have made promises to continue to protect those who were given temporary status under DACA, although the long term solution for the individuals assisted by this act is unclear.  

Advice from immigration attorneys

Minors who were assisted by the DACA program and others with similar immigration issues are able to have their interests represented by a licensed attorney. The federal government in the U.S. controls immigration issues through a complex web of programs designed to control work eligibility and other crucial functions. Immigration attorneys help these people by checking their status, and responding by filing documentation to receive visas, green cards, and other important credentials.  

The ultimate goal for most people who have immigration issues is to receive their full U.S. citizenship through the naturalization process. This is best done with legal assistance, as the entire process can take years and has several different steps. There is a final citizenship test, requirement of several years of permanent residency, and other eligibility requirements that are related to a person’s moral character and criminal history

Finding local help from a veteran attorney

Anyone who is experiencing legal issues with immigration in the Fort Myers area can speak with an experienced attorney to get more help. The Law Offices of Michael M. Raheb can provide guidance regarding various problems and provide solutions tailored to the need of each individual client. 

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