The Beautiful – By a Student in The District of Columbia

America is a country that is built on the foundation of diversity.  It is thanks to the constant flow of immigrants throughout the centuries that has made the United States a destination for a better life.  Almost every race, ethnicity or culture that has grown roots in America is from another continent.  There is a heavy European influence, along with heritages from Africa, Asia and South America.  This mix of cuisine, music, and dress has created something uniquely American.  There is no other place like it.  Therefore, if the United States plans to stay competitive and continue progressing the country towards a better future, then politicians and government must understand the right to immigrate and stay, and how it positively affects the country as a whole.

No one in the United States has the right to tell any one that they are not allowed to immigrate into the country except Native Americans.  As the indigenous people struggle to survive in the southwest and west part of the country, they are in no condition to object to immigration.  So, the democracy that has settled in the US, since the first ships sailed west from Europe, that is composed of immigrants has no authority to deny others what was beneficial for their families.  These are the people who came to the US before there were laws, regulations, restrictions and background checks that prevented free movement across borders.  Their ancestors chose to come to the New World to escape the tyranny of royalty.  Moving to America was the opportunity to create better lives, as it was and is for those who have continued to come to America’s shores since its discovery.  Everyone who comes to America with the intentions of becoming productive members of society should be allowed to immigrate and stay.

It is unfathomable that people who have lived and built lives in the US should be deported whether they are in the US legally or not.  A diabetic doctor should not be sent back to India because the government will not renew her visa.  Parents of children who were born in the US and do not have criminal records should not be sent back to Mexico or any Spanish speaking country leaving behind three children under ten years old.  A child who was brought across the border as a baby, having never known any culture except the American one they have grown up in, should not be sent to a place they are unfamiliar with because they were not born in the US.  Each example of deportation has a negative effect on the country.  The doctor is a very productive member of society.  She is helping citizens manage diabetes and live healthier lives.  Without her presence, the hospital where she worked has to overload another physician with her patients until they can find a replacement.  Until then, patients may or may not get the care or attention they need to probably manage diabetes.  Deporting parents of American citizens, especially minors, puts a strain on local and federal governments.  The children of these illegal immigrants are put into the foster care system draining the precious resources of those programs unnecessarily.  They had parents who held jobs that fed them, provided a roof over their heads, and clothed them making the parents and children productive members of the American society.  Lastly, deporting a college graduate from the US because they were not born in America is beyond mystifying.  Education is the key to success and progress and sending a well-educated person back to the country in which they were born stunts the country’s growth.  Whether a person has legally or illegally immigrated to the US and is a productive member of society, they should not be deported because they have a right to be in America as anyone else.

Besides the right to immigrate to a country full of immigrants and the economic and familial strain deportation puts on society, the diversity that immigrants bring to the US is unequivocal.  Thanks to centuries of immigration, America has its own cuisine filled with inspiration from all over the world.  Its culture is a blend of many different cultures.  The citizens have incorporated generations and generations of new ethnicities and races.  The results of which exposes people to differences and aids with the ability to accept new things.  And, the foundation of diversity creates a progressive and competitive society that eliminates monotony.

Immigration reform is a necessity.  People who are productive members of society should not be deported.  Those who wish to come to the America for better lives should have that chance.  It is morally irresponsible to break up families, stunt learning, and deny a refugee refuge among other things.  How can the United States be considered the home of the brave, if its citizens and government are not brave enough for empathy?  Living in Washington, DC gives me a unique perspective.  And I know, a country cannot allow itself to become desensitize the burden of others, when it was founded by those who sought change because of their own.