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In a world filled with hate, malice, and envy the people of the world are looking for hope and someone to have a caring heart. Most people who practice law seem to be described as sharks, needle nose, legal eagle and the list can go on and on.  However in my research for Immigration Lawyers it was noted that out of all the lawyers they seem to be the most compassionate. When someone from another country immigrates in the United States it seems like their eyes are opened up to the true “American Dream.” However if they don’t have the proper documentation that “American Dream” can come screeching halt. That’s where an Immigration Lawyer comes in. Immigration Lawyers help with an array of situations special to people who immigrate to the United States. From helping with direction on visa applications, citizenships and naturalization, green cards, employment for non-citizens, and deportation issues an Immigration Lawyer is well versed in the immigration laws their country has. Immigration lawyers are able to help their client understand the law. Not only do they help you understand the law but they also make you aware of your own rights. Since the paper work and process of becoming a legal immigrate is tedious and could be overwhelming for someone that does not fully understand the job of the Immigration Lawyer is to make the process more bearable. Not only are the things listed above a reason why an Immigration Lawyer is helpful but filling out the paperwork can possible take hours even days if filled out alone. The application process can take years, depending on the document that the applicant wishes to receive.  They are able to analyze that paperwork that has been prepared making sure that ever line is signed, every additional document is gathered, and also make sure that everything is in order. Immigration Lawyers are important because without them the client may make a mistake that could cause a major setback. Immigration Lawyers are able to interpret and foresee the probable barriers that could come up and avoid them. Because of their experience this could be critical in advoiding the postponements that could come up.

Another reason why Immigration Lawyers are not only helping with paperwork but they tend to stand as an advocate for their client. Stepping in the role of advisor or counselor. Interacting with the immigration authorities can be a daunting task when faced alone. However, when an immigrate has an advocate or someone standing with them every step of the way it can tend to make the process much smoother. In addition to if a person has submitted prior immigration applications the Immigration Lawyer is able to conclude what made the denial happen. Immigration Lawyers may also help in that if a person has been deported and denied entry into the United States having a lawyer they may be able to thoroughly explain the damages of their client being deported or excluded for the United States. If an application that has been filed over a period of time still hasn’t been processed or there does not seem to be an answer, an Immigration Lawyer can help the person applying expedite the process.

Immigration Lawyers can help in the event that a crime has been committed by the applicant and now they are seeking permanent citizenship. Considering the severity of the crime and immigration lawyer would be able to assist in finding alternative methods to filing an application so that the process isn’t prolonged or denied. In addition to the above they are also able to assist in the application process as to not have the applicant deported while they are trying to alter their status. Because assisting clients from different countries is a guarantee when being an Immigration Lawyer then having a second language is vital. By having a second language, and preferably the language their client speaks, they are able to communicate with them effectively and help them understand what it is they must do. The Immigration Lawyer, since, as mentioned above has a close connection with their client and or families their skill set must be strong and they must be well experienced in their field so that the client may feel comfortable with them.

In conclusion it seems that in dire situations that an applicant may benefit from having a Immigration Lawyer that is able to interpret the law and provide clarity where needed. It also seems to be of benefit because as the applicant seeks to have more complex situations the Immigration Lawyer is able to help with their needs. One would benefit also from having a lawyer to support and walk through the tedious process of becoming a citizen of their desired country, getting a work visa etc. As more and more countries, particularly the United States, have immigrates applying for various documents the role of an Immigration Lawyer will become more vital.