San Antonio, Texas, Who is Eligible to Adjust their Status?

The adjustment of status is a basic application process through which a person can obtain lawful permanent residence in the United States. However, the process is not available to everyone. During this process, a person can go from having a temporary visa to having the status of a permanent or conditional resident while they are still residing in the United States.

During this process, a person will have to submit various forms and documents and carry out an interview at a USCIS office. There are only a small group of people who are eligible to adjust their status legally, and those considering this legal avenue should get in touch with an immigration lawyer as soon as possible so they can get proper advice regarding their decision.

Individuals who are eligible to adjust their status include:

  • Individuals must be eligible for a green card
  • They must have an approved visa petition on file if their eligibility is based on family and employment
  • If eligibility is based on asylum, then they must have waited one year since the asylum approval to enter the US
  • Individuals must physically reside in the United States
  • Individuals must have a valid visa status

There are other factors that determine eligibility as well, and an attorney can assist a person in understanding the process.

Is it Possible to be Eligible for Adjusting a Green Card, But Not Status?

If a person is not eligible to adjust status, they may still be able to obtain a green card through consular processing. The entire process can be demanding, and anyone who wants to improve their chances of filing a successful application should get in touch with an immigration lawyer without delay. It is vital to consider that the immigration process is very sensitive. Anyone who wants to proceed with filing an application for a green card, or to adjust their status should make sure they have a lawyer looking over their paperwork in detail.

Anyone who wants to proceed with any matter related to their immigration should speak with an immigration lawyer right away so they can get help from the beginning and avoid making mistakes. Small errors in one’s application can delay the process needlessly or even result in a person’s application getting rejected. This can be detrimental to any future applications a person submits, so caution should be taken from the beginning.

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