San Antonio, Texas, What to Do If a Green Card Renewal Application is Denied?

Having a green card gives a person a lot of rights and privileges they can benefit from. Green card holders are allowed to reside legally as well as work and study in the United States without complications. Many green card holders go on to move through the naturalization process, so they become citizens of the United States.

In most cases, it is a relatively straightforward process to apply for green card renewal. However, in certain instances, individuals may be faced with a rejection of their renewal application. For instance, if a person clearly lied on their application, submitted the wrong form, or failed to pay their taxes then it is possible that their renewal application will not be approved. If one’s renewal application is denied, one will get a letter clearly explaining why the rejection occurred.

Anyone who obtains their letter and feels like there was a misunderstanding or mistake has a few options available to them. Firstly, they have the option to submit a motion to the USCIS in the hopes they will reconsider their decision. If this route is followed, then factual information will have to be clearly presented to explain why a person deserves to obtain the renewal.

The second option is the wisest, and this is to seek help from a qualified immigration attorney. If a person has a complicated case, they will definitely need the help of a lawyer to assist them with every step of the motion.

Are Interviews Required for a Green Card Renewal in San Antonio, Texas?

In most cases, individuals will not need to attend an interview once their green card renewal form is submitted. However, an in-person interview may be required to collect biometric data and run a detailed background check.

In most cases, conditional permanent residents will likely have to attend an interview when they are reaching the end of their 2-year limit. Before a person walks into their interview, they should first get in touch with an immigration attorney who can advise them on the best route of action to take so they are not taken advantage of in any way, and so they are equipped with all the knowledge they require to ace the interviews.

Anyone who is considering applying for a green card, or who has questions about the green card renewal process should get in touch with an immigration lawyer at the Law Office of J. Joseph Cohen as soon as possible.

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