San Antonio, Texas, what is the Difference Between an Immigrant and a Nonimmigrant?

Those who wish to come to the United States on good legal status have three options through which they can achieve this goal permanently. They can either come to the United States on family grounds, on employment grounds, or they can come through humanitarian grounds. The family of a person refers to the beneficiaries of the applicant and can include their spouse, children, or parents.

If a person decides to immigrate through family grounds, they may choose to have their family member who is already a citizen of the United States file a petition for them. If they take the employment route, then they may apply for a specific employment visa such as the H-1B based on the details of their work. Those who immigrate for humanitarian reasons may seek asylum or refugee status through specific visas.

There are significant differences between immigrants and nonimmigrants that should be understood clearly. An immigrant is a person who is given permission to permanently come and reside in the United States through any of the above-mentioned legal grounds. A nonimmigrant is a non-US citizen who comes to the United States just on a temporary basis and for a specific reason, that does not involve them permanently residing there.

A nonimmigrant can only remain in the United States as long as their visa allows them to, and they must be vigilant about leaving on time or renewing their visa well before the deadline, so they do not run into any unexpected trouble with the law.

The Rights of Immigrants and Nonimmigrants in San Antonio, Texas

Almost all the fundamental rights of the Constitution can be applied to both immigrants and nonimmigrants who are residing in the United States. Even if a person is being deported, they are granted basic procedural rights that must be carried out by the officials who are dealing with them. If these rights are not followed, then it is possible that’s some legal relief may be provided to the individual who had their basic rights violated.

Those who are looking to immigrate to the United States should get in touch with an immigration lawyer without delay. It is necessary for applicants to understand the sensitive nature of immigration applications. When a person is planning to make such a significant move in their life, they should make sure they get the advice of an immigration lawyer before making any moves on their own.

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