San Antonio, Texas, What is the Deportation Policy When a Crime is Committed?

The deportation policies in the United States are very serious and non-residents or even permanent residents who commit a crime can face deportation based on their inappropriate actions. Similarly, when a person has a criminal record and they have committed violent crimes then it will be very difficult for them to obtain permanent legal immigration status in the United States. If a person is in a State or Federal prison for committing violent crimes, then their chances of being deported are significantly heightened.

Those who commit a deportable criminal offense in accordance with the Immigration Naturalization Act are susceptible to arrest and the beginning of the removal proceedings through immigration court. This is a highly unnerving position to be in, and anyone who is facing such a scenario requires the help of an immigration attorney to get help with the legal process.

An attorney can help a person build a case to prove their innocence and possibly even have their charges cleared based on how much evidence they have. There is always hope and to find out one’s exact legal standing, one should consult with a legal professional without delay, especially since the deportation process is very time sensitive.

What is to be Expected During the Deportation process in San Antonio, Texas?

The deportation process beings with the INS sending out a Notice to Appear in Removal Proceedings. It is vital that a person responds and shows up on their court date. If they do not show up this will be taken as a very negative sign and the proceedings will begin without their help.

Not all deportation cases are bound to end in deportation. Based on how long a person has been in the US, the family relationships they have, and similar factors, it is possible to build a strong case, so the removal is revoked.

Cancellation of removal is possible for those who have been present in the US for 7-10 years whether they were aliens or permanent residents. There are many legal details that will be considered when deportation cases are being examined and refuted, and the best way to get help understanding one’s options and potential forms of relief is by connecting with a lawyer who specializes in the field.

No one should have to go through such a stressful and difficult period of their life on their own.

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