San Antonio, Texas, What is Conditional Permanent Residency?

In some cases, immigrants are granted conditional permanent residency in the United States. If a person was given a conditional permanent resident card, it will be valid for two years. Those who wish to regain their permanent resident status cannot renew their card at the end of the period. Instead, they will be required to file a petition so they can remove the conditions 90 days before the green card expires. To learn exactly what forms a person needs and what application they have to file, individuals should get in touch with an immigration lawyer as soon as possible.

If a person is a lawful permanent resident or a conditional permanent resident, then they will be required to replace their green card if certain circumstances occur. A green card will need to be replaced if it expires or is going to expire in the next six months. If a card was stolen, mutilated, or lost then a new application will also be required. Another case in which a new application is required is if a person received their card before they turned 14, and they have now turned 14 years old.

Other cases which require changing a green card include:

  • Change in residency status
  • There is incorrect information on the card
  • The first card was never received
  • A name or other information amount a person has been changed

The immigration process is very delicate, and anyone who fails to understand this will likely end up making mistakes on their application and unnecessarily delaying the process of getting the status they desire.

What are the Benefits of a Green Card in San Antonio, Texas?

There are several benefits to getting a green card, and that is why so many immigrants seek it. Some of the biggest advantages of obtaining a green card are that a person gains legal residency status in the United States. They also gain employment eligibility and verification, and they can apply for a social security card and gain a state issued driver’s license as well.

Anyone who is considering immigrating will need the help of a lawyer so they can maximize their chances of having their application accepted. What most people do not know is something as small as forgetting a signature or filling out the wrong form can delay one’s application for a very long time and make it a lot more difficult for them to get the status they need.

Get in touch with an immigration attorney at the Law Office of J. Joseph Cohen as soon as possible to learn more about the immigration process, and to get help filing a proper green card application.

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