San Antonio, Texas, What Are the First Steps That Occur in a Deportation Proceeding and Who is Involved?

When it comes to deportation proceedings, there is a very specific procedure that is followed every time, and specific parties that will carry out every step of the process. There are three main parties who partake in deportation. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), an immigration judge, and the respondent who is being deported.

The DHS is responsible for prosecuting, arresting, and detaining the respondent. The judge is the one who will make a final decision as to whether the respondent should be deported, or if they are allowed to remain in the United States. Naturally, the entire process is highly sensitive. One small mistake can lead to a decision that is not in a person’s favor, so it is always best to make sure that an immigration attorney has been hired and is assisting a person throughout the process.

The guidance of a lawyer can help a person ensure they do not miss important dates and that they thoroughly understand their rights during the proceedings, so they are not taken advantage of.

The deportation proceedings will begin with an initial Notice to Appear before a judge. The date and timing of the first hearing will be written in the notice, or a person will be notified by mail later on. In some cases, the respondent will be detained, and in other cases, they will be allowed to reside at home as long as they continue to respond promptly to all forms of correspondence.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Defendant in Removal Proceedings in San Antonio, Texas?

Individuals must ensure they go to all their court hearings or they will be ordered to be removed in their absence and a warrant for their arrest will be issued. Individuals will also lose any bond money they paid in these cases.

Those who have a scheduling conflict and are unable to attend court due to a very urgent matter should notify the court beforehand and ask permission. The court must grant an order with a new hearing notice for the person to actually be excused properly. Defendants are also responsible for reporting address changes within five days and following all deadlines carefully.

Anyone who is called in for deportation should make sure they exercise their right to connect with a lawyer as soon as possible. Reach out to an immigration attorney at the Law Office of J.Joseph Cohen as soon as possible to get assistance with an immigration case.

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