San Antonio, Texas, What Are the Current Crime Deportation Policies?

As the years are passing, the concern regarding crimes conducted by noncitizens is on the rise. Anyone who has the status of an alien and also has a criminal record will not find it easy to obtain proper residence status in the United States. Anyone who is a non-citizen, and they conduct a certain category of crime, is at risk of being deported. When it comes to these serious crimes, the amount of time a person has spent in the US becomes almost irrelevant.

Deportation is most common for inmates who have been imprisoned for violent crimes and are being detained in state and federal prisons. The worst penalties are for those who commit aggravated felonies. If a person has committed this category of crime, they will likely be unable to get proper status in the US. Firearms, money laundering, murder, rape, and trafficking all come under this category of crime.

There are certain offenses that are considered deportable offenses according to the Immigration and Naturalization Act. If a person commits such an offense, they will be arrested and detained by the INS until removal proceedings are completed in immigration court.

Anyone who finds themselves in such a situation will have to act fast and get legal support right away so they can better understand their rights and the next steps of the legal process. When in such a situation, it can be very easy to panic and start despairing, but no matter how bad it looks there may still be hope. The only way to fight one’s best fight is by calling a lawyer and getting their support during this troubling time in a person’s life.

What is the Deportation Process in San Antonio, Texas?

The deportation process will begin with A Notice to Appear being presented in removal proceedings. Once that is done, a hearing will be held in immigration court in which the alien is required to respond to the charges.

If a person wants to try and win their removal case, they will need to connect with a qualified immigration attorney as soon as possible. There are many factors that will be taken into consideration during the deportation process, and they include the amount of time a person has lived in the US, their family relationships, and whether the person had a past criminal history or not.

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