San Antonio, Texas, What Are the Benefits of a Green Card?

Individuals who wish to immigrate to the United States should call an attorney to discuss their application options first. Obtaining a green card is a dream for many, and anyone who successfully obtains a green card will gain several benefits. Some of the main benefits of applying for a green card are that these documents provide official immigration status in the United States. They also entitle an individual to certain rights and responsibilities that they would not have otherwise.

A green card is also required if a person wants to naturalize as a U.S. citizen. Without a green card, it will not be possible to obtain this status. Anyone who needs to apply for a green card, renew it or replace it should get in touch with an immigration lawyer as soon as possible so they can get proper legal advice regarding their situation.

There are many different ways individuals can obtain a green card, and one of them is the green card lottery or the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. This program allows up to 55,000 immigrant visas to be granted every year. Foreign nationals who live in countries with low immigration to the United States can participate in this random drawing to obtain an immigrant visa. To learn more about who is eligible and how to register for this program, a lawyer should be connected as soon as possible.

Who Can Sponsor a Relative to the United States?

Individuals who wish to sponsor their family members, future spouse, or relatives to the United States must first be citizens of the United States themselves. When it comes to sponsoring relatives, individuals are usually only allowed to sponsor immediate relatives such as parents or siblings.  Permanent residents can also sponsor a foreign spouse or their unmarried children.

Individuals who have refugee or asylee status can petition for some of their family members to receive the same status and come to safety as well. The immigration process can be long and tedious, and anyone who intends to apply for immigration should only do so with proper legal assistance. In many cases, applicants will have their paperwork rejected entirely or sent back and delayed because they do not follow all the rules expected of them to begin with.

Those who are planning to apply for a green card or come to the United States in one way or the other should get in touch with an immigration lawyer without delay.

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