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San Antonio, Texas, Understanding the Marriage Adjustment of Status Process

Immigrants who entered the United States legally are likely eligible to apply for an adjustment of their status. Taking this legal route enables them to hold a green card without having to leave the country once again. However, to be eligible for an adjustment of status the applicant must be eligible for a green card through marriage to someone who is a citizen of the United States, or a permanent resident.

The applicant must also fulfill the requirement of entering the country legally through certain visas and fulfilling their requirements as well. It is vital to keep in mind that immigrants who entered the US illegally will not be allowed to apply for an adjustment of status, and if their status is uncovered, they will have to go through the deportation process and similar legal penalties.

To carry out a successful application, the spouse of the applicant will have to submit a package that provides a work and travel permit for the individual while they wait for it to be processed. They must also submit documentation that shows that a person is eligible for a green card by proving that the marriage was real and that financial accommodations have been made. Once the initial application goes through, a medical exam will be conducted, and a person will have their criminal record clearly checked.

What Is the Adjustment of Status Interview in San Antonio, Texas?

When a person submits their application and they are called in for an adjustment of status interview, they will be asked a series of questions to ensure they are a good fit. During the interview, they will also be asked to show specific documents that act as evidence proving the validity of the marriage. The questions asked will be both about one’s background, and their marriage.

Common questions may include how the couple met, how they celebrate birthdays, who pays the bills, and how many people attended the wedding. These are all common questions that can be expected during the interview.

Having one’s adjustment of status approved is a great achievement to look forward to, and it is vital that applicants take proper measures to ensure they do not make any mistakes with the process. To get proper legal advice regarding one’s case and to get legal support and guidance, it is best to get in touch with an immigration attorney who has the experience and specializes in dealing with such cases.

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