Once an immigrant is arrested on the basis of illegally residing in the United States, the legalities can get relatively intense. Since the situation is so dire it should be taken very seriously and anyone who finds themselves in this legal scenario will need the assistance of an immigration attorney to navigate the next steps of the process. The government in the United States uses detention as a way to deal with immigrants who are undocumented or removable.

The government detains immigrants when they feel there is a flight risk, and they fear the individual may move to another location of the United States where they could be a risk to those around them. Detaining them secures that they will appear before the court when they are called. The Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement go forward with the detaining process when a person has committed multiple crimes when they have arrived at the border without a visa. When they have an outstanding removal order, or when they have missed prior immigration hearing dates.

If a person fits in any of these categories, they may be detained, and they will need the help of a lawyer to get through this difficult period. Once a person is in detention their family can find them through their Alien Number or through their date of birth, country of birth, and full name as it is recorded with ICE. It may take some time for the website to be updated with the latest information and there will be no information for individuals under 18 years of age. If this is the case, a person will have to call the ICE and find the closest location in which their detained family member should be contacted or picked up.

What is the role of the deportation officer in San Antonio, Texas?

Each detainee is assigned an officer who has the power to offer voluntary departure, removal, or other forms of detention and release. The detainee should not accept every offer given to them and they should review it with their attorney as carefully as possible before going forward and making an actual decision.

For instance, a person may opt for a voluntary departure but in some cases, this results in them forgoing any relief they, may have originally been entitled to. Anyone who is detained or at risk of deportation should reach out to an immigration lawyer at the Law Office of J. Joseph Cohen to get help with their case and to get the help and security they need.

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