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San Antonio Texas, Qualifying for a US Business Visa

Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to expand their horizons and grow their businesses. Any entrepreneur who wishes to come and start a business in the United States will have to meet specific criteria to be accepted. The best way to understand the legalities and technicalities of starting a business in the US is by connecting with an immigration attorney who is experienced in the field.

In most cases, if an entrepreneur has a million dollars or half this amount saved up in their accounts and they are able to show this proof, they may be qualified to invest in a US business. Through this, they can eventually obtain permanent resident status and receive a green card, so they are allowed to legally reside in the United States.

Individuals can also apply for a business visa (B1 Visa). This is a temporary visa granted to citizens of alien countries who wish to come to the US specifically for business purposes. It is important to keep in mind that the business visa is for those who wish to consult with business partners or attend a business convention. It may also be obtained for those who wish to settle an estate or negotiate a contract.  Sometimes, a business visa may not even be required for individuals coming for short trips of less than 90 days and from qualified countries.

To qualify for a business visa, the following criteria must apply:

  • The purpose of the visit is business related
  • They are only remaining for a limited time
  • Evidence is provided of funds and social and economic ties
  • The evidence they have ties in their home country proves they will return

When a person applies for a business visa, they will be interviewed by a US consulate, and it is essential they prepare for this interview beforehand.

Get in Touch with an Immigration Lawyer in San Antonio, Texas

Those who are considering coming to the United States should make sure they get in touch with a qualified immigration lawyer as soon as possible. An immigration attorney can help individuals better understand their options, so they only apply through the best route for them.

Immigration papers have a lot of requirements and must be screened very carefully to ensure that all the signatures are there and that all the correct information has been submitted. Anyone who wants to move forward with applying for an investor visa, a business visa, or other forms of immigration documents should connect with a lawyer.

Get in touch with an immigration attorney at the Law Office of J. Joseph Cohen today to get answers to immigration questions and concerns, and to get help applying for immigration.

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