San Antonio, Texas, Petitioning for a Family Member to Come to the United States

Those living in the United States alone are always looking for avenues to bring their international family members over to live near them. Immigration is a complex and fragile process, so before filing any forms or filling out any paperwork individuals should get in touch with an immigration lawyer first. An attorney has the right expertise to guide a person regarding the application that is best for them and their family members. They will also be able to give the application much-needed proofreading that is needed before handing the application in.

If a person is a citizen of the United States, they will have the option of petitioning for a family member to come to the United States so they can get a green card. There are certain family members who can follow this route.

This includes:

  • Spouses
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Siblings

If a person has lawful permanent resident status, then they will be able to petition for their spouses and dependent children. However, before the application is accepted and a person is able to bring their loved ones over to the United States, there are many factors that will be analyzed in their application. The first thing seen will be the status of the petitioner, whether they are a citizen or a permanent resident. The next most important factor is the relationship between the petitioner and the family member they are trying to bring over to the United States. Other factors such as the country the immigrant are from, and the travel history will also be carefully considered.

Does the Country the Family Member Reside in Really Make a Difference n San Antonio, Texas?

The visa application timeline is different for individuals who apply from heavy-traffic countries. These countries have a significantly larger number of applications coming in, so the processing time is slower. Mexico, India, and China are some examples of countries that will have longer processing times due to the high volume of applicants.

Anyone who wishes to bring their family member over to the United States should first get in touch with an immigration lawyer. Applications are rejected all the time because not enough time was put into proofreading them or because vital documents are missing. No one should have to wait longer due to easily avoidable mistakes, and that is why it is in their best interest to speak to an immigration lawyer as soon as possible.

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