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San Antonio, Texas, Is Having a Green Card the Same as Having Citizenship?

Having a green card and actually being a citizen of the United States is not the same thing. When a person is granted permanent residency, they obtain a green card which shows they have legal permission to live in the United States. However, this does not automatically make them a citizen. If a person has a green card and they maintain good moral character and good immigration status for a certain amount of time, then they may be eligible to apply for citizenship through the naturalization process.

When a person obtains their green card, they need to be mindful and keep the expiry date of their card in mind. The length of time that a green card will be valid varies significantly based on the way the green card was obtained to begin with. For instance, if a person obtains a green card through marriage to a citizen of the United States, their green card will last for two years and then they will have to apply to have the conditions removed on it. If permission is granted, them individuals can extend their green card for up to ten more years. Individuals can also choose to apply for naturalization at the appropriate time if they qualify for it.

If a person believes they are ready to obtain citizenship, there are two main ways that they can apply for it. They can apply for a certificate of citizenship, or they may also be allowed to apply for naturalization. However, no one should proceed with the application process before they get proper legal help and advice regarding their situation.

Understanding one’s immigration status and options are integral, and anyone who has questions or concerns about their green card or immigration status should make sure they get in touch with an immigration lawyer without delay.

What Happens When a Visa Expires in San Antonio, Texas?

Anyone who has an expired visa needs to make sure they fix the situation as soon as possible. Anyone who remains in the US with an expired visa is accumulating illegal presence and this could be detrimental to any future immigration attempts they may make. To avoid getting into such situations, individuals should make sure they are getting in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible.

Moving to the US is a big move to make, and anyone who has questions regarding the immigration process should get in touch with an immigration attorney at the Law Office of J. Joseph Cohen as soon as possible.

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