San Antonio, Texas, How to Tell If a Person is Eligible for Citizenship through their Parents

Individuals may be eligible for US citizenship through their parents if they meet certain criteria. It is important that a person properly understands the options available to them based on their personal circumstances. An immigration lawyer can help individuals apply through the route that is most likely to bring them positive results.

Individuals can be eligible for citizenship through their parents if they meet these criteria:

  • Each parent is a citizen of the United States
  • Both parents were married at the time of birth and at least one of the parents was living in the US before the birth of the child
  • The child is under the age of 18 and they are residing in the US with at least one parent who is a US citizen
  • Both parents naturalized before the 18th birthday of the child
  • The child is adopted by a parent who is a US citizen

Even if these conditions are met, there are other factors that will also be considered before a final decision is made. Individuals who are looking forward to gaining their citizenship should consult with an attorney and see if it is possible for them to do so through their parents.

Reach Out to an Immigration Attorney Today in San Antonio, Texas

Gaining citizenship in the United States opens up several doors of opportunities, and many people are striving to obtain this status. However, excited a person may be to apply for citizenship, they should refrain from being hasty in their decision. They should first speak with an immigration lawyer and get more insight into what the best way to apply is.

They will also need a lawyer to proofread all the paperwork and double-check that all the required documents are being filled and sent out. When a person gets the help of a lawyer, they no longer have to worry about the complicated legalities of applying, and they can focus on more important matters. A small error on an application can delay matters for a long period of time, or even lead to a complete rejection of the application. The last thing any applicant wants is to lose a lot of time and money trying to send in another set of forms in the hopes of getting their application accepted the second time.

Anyone who is looking for citizenship should get in touch with an immigration lawyer at the Law Offices of J Joseph Cohen today to get assistance with their case.

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