Anyone who resides in a foreign country and wishes to come over and live in the United States will first need to obtain a visa. This visa can either be a nonimmigrant visa so their visit is temporary, or it can be an immigrant visa for permanent residence so a person can continue to reside in the US and make it their new home.

If a person wants to come to the United States for a temporary amount of time, they can come on temporary worker visas. These visas allow a person to enter the United States for a specified period and they are not considered permanent. These visas require the employer to file a petition with the USCIS and once the petition is approved, a work visa can be applied for.

There are various categories of temporary worker visas and they include:

  • H-1B: Person in Specialty Occupation
  • H-1B1: Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Professional
  • H-2A: Temporary Agricultural Worker
  • H-2B: Temporary Non-agricultural Worker
  • H-3: Trainee or Special Education visitor
  • L: Intracompany Transferee
  • O: Individual with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement

The above are only a few examples of the types of visas available and they are all suited for different individuals based on what a person is trying to achieve and their credentials. It can be very confusing to figure out what visa is best suited for a person, and they should get in touch with an immigration lawyer as soon as possible to get help with selecting the right visa and accurately filling out the application information.

Is labor certification required when applying for an employment visa in San Antonio, Texas?

Out of all the categories, some require a person to obtain a labor certification or some other form of approval from the Department of Labor before they can apply for their nonimmigrant visa. A person’s employer should check to find out if the labor certification is required or not.

Once again, getting in touch with an immigration lawyer can ease the entire visa application process. An attorney can look over a person’s application to guide them on every step, so they don’t make errors while filing. If a person tries to apply themselves and they end up submitting false information or documents, they can face serious legal penalties for their actions and they may lose the ability to ever come to the United States.

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