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Deportation Attorneys and Immigration Lawyers in Rhode Island

 Immigrating to the U.S. can be a worthwhile endeavor, but the process of getting authorization through a visa or green card can be challenging.

Facts about Immigration in Rhode Island 

Rhode Island is a small state, but it has a large immigrant population which accounts for 13.4 percent of the state’s population, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

41.2 percent of the foreign-born population is Latino while Asians make up 16.4 percent. Additionally, 13.4 percent of foreign-born nationals are African-American.

Rhode Island counties with the largest immigrant population, according to MPI, include:

Providence County- 114,800

Kent County- 10,200

Newport County- 6,000

Illegal entry

There are approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. many of which entered the country illegally. About 40 percent of undocumented immigrants enter the U.S. with a visa, but they just stay after their visa has expired.

USAttorneys would like to discourage immigrants from entering the U.S. without authorization. There are consequences that could jeopardize a person’s chance of getting a green or U.S. citizenship. Undocumented immigrants can be detained, fined, and deported. They can also be barred from entering the U.S. for three years, ten years or permanently depending on how long they lived in the U.S. with undocumented status.

Rhode Island participates on a couple of programs to aid federal immigration authorities with enforcement. One of those programs is called Secure Communities. When police arrest someone they suspect might be undocumented, they are asked to check that individual’s fingerprints with a federal database to determine of the arrestee is undocumented. If an immigrant is undocumented, law enforcement is instructed to detain an immigrant until authorities can pick them up.

Visa Categories and immigration statuses

Immigrants have several avenues of legal immigration they can pursue to come to the U.S. Most immigrants get authorization by applying for a visa, but there are other options like asylum or humanitarian parole.

U.S. visas are issued for either temporary work and travel (nonimmigrant visa) or permanent immigration (immigrant visa). Immigrant visas include:

IR1- Spouses of U.S. citizens

DV- Diversity Visa

K-1 Fiancé(e) of U.S. citizen

R -Religious Worker

SB- Returning Resident

Nonimmigrant visas include:

H-2B Visas- Temporary in agricultural industry

H-2B Visas- Temporary work in the hospitality industry

F- Student visa

R-Religious worker

H-1B Visas– An H-1B visa can be issued for temporary or permanent immigration and are granted to highly-skilled immigrants.

Humanitarian relief

The U.S. offer two main types of humanitarian assistance to immigrants: asylum and humanitarian parole. Both are difficult statuses to obtain, so we recommend you speak with an immigration attorney if you think you deserve humanitarian parole.

Immigrating to the U.S. can be a difficult endeavor, but it is worth the time and energy. If you need to apply for a visa, humanitarian parole or a green card, let USAttorneys connect you with an immigration attorney in Rhode Island. They can help you with all aspects of your immigration application and will do their best to see you that you succeed.

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