Many countries willingly take in immigrants that are in search of a better life for themselves and their families. The whole problem with immigration is that not all immigrants follow the system we have in place. Many immigrants come over the border between Mexico and the United States or they overstay their visas. The United States Immigration Reform is mainly trying to handle the 12 to 20 million undocumented workers in the United States. The Immigration Reform is mainly used to find the number of immigrants, both legal and illegal currently in the US.

In today’s society the political elections are being decided by the issue on immigration. Votes are basically going out to who says they have to best solution to immigration. If you ask me all illegal immigrants need to be sent back to their homeland. If they want to come to the US so badly, they should go through the same process as everyone else. These illegal immigrants are the ones using the things that Americans are paying for. If people thing about it, this whole situation is basically like giving someone money that’s supposed to help your country but is being used on people who aren’t even supposed to be here. Barack Obama says that we shouldn’t send them back because we shouldn’t rip apart their families, well what about the families here that are barely making it because all our money is being taken to give out freebees to pay for people who are here illegally and who sit around doing absolutely nothing.

Illegal Immigration is decreasing the number of availability to American citizens. More people now don’t have jobs compared to earlier years. We need to take care of our people before we start letting in anyone else. There is no reason why so many people here should be unemployed when so many illegal immigrants are here and are employed. Illegal Immigrants with a criminal record should be sent back immediately. We have enough problems in America with our own criminals, why would we take in more? We should also watch out who we give visas to. People such as the9/11 hijackers, to the Boston Bombers where here on visas. Our immigration system is being used to attack us from the inside out.  The President of the immigration caseworker’s union declared in a statement on ISIS: “We’ve become the visa clearinghouse for the world.”

Immigration is the main issue in America. It effects every other problem in the US. It effects the economy, our jobs, and the standard of life. These people that come our illegally get jobs and work for wages that are very low so our American citizens don’t stand a chance. The price of living here has increased significantly so these wages that immigrants are working for can not support a family in the states. The price of living in these other countries are lower so they are able to send money back to their families to keep them going. Yes, I understand it’s a wonderful thing for these families for the support system, but they are taking away from the families who need the help here. Our own people should come first, we should never put anyone from any other country before our own. Immigration is not just a bad thing though. Barack Obama proposed a 10-year plan to get 12 million people through the citizenship process. He said that there is no reason to send them back. If you ask me, send them all back and make them go through the process they should have went through in the first place, these people do not deserve to be here if they did not come through the legal process. These people not only should pay a fine, but go back to their country of origin.

There should be much more protection along the border to prevent these incidents of illegal immigrants will not occur as often. With more protection along the borders we would be able to enhance our own country stability. It will enhance our job availability and the quality of said jobs. With the addition of a protected border, it would increase the image of the “American dream”. The whole reason people want to come to the United States is because we are considered a place where people can be who they want, and give their families all the opportunities in the world to succeed. America is the dreamland for everyone who does not live here. This country is a place where people feel like they are safe, and a place that people can make their own choices of how they want to live their life. We are a country like no other and people would give anything just to be here. As long as people come to this country legally and contribute as law abiding citizens, by all means we should welcome them with open arms. Immigration reform should be very stern with protecting the border and removing illegal immigrants.