Immigration reform is a political consultation that aim to enhance the condition surrounding illegal and legal immigrants. However, the standard way of thinking about Immigration or Immigrants as a whole does not always entail a very positive image in the minds of many Americans. Majority assume that immigrants living in America and those yet to be transplanted propose a threat to the American society. When it comes to the topic of Immigration Reform, most of us will readily agree that the reform proposed a change. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is the question of how these changes would affect the immigration system in the United States of America (“U.S.”) and the many foreigners who call it their home. While some are convinced that the immigration reform creates a great deal of job loss for most Americans due to the adverse effect on our labor market and jointly our economy, others believe that the immigration reform provides an opportunity for immigrants and their families to have a better life and even attain the “America Dream”.

In fact, the immigration reform was interpreted as a constitutional proposition aiming to mislead our nation into condemning innocent immigrants for the problems affiliated with our society.  On the contrary, approximately three decades have passed since officials in Congress has ameliorated the immigration system in the U.S. Indeed, America has undergone several economic, social, and political changes, nevertheless, the policies within our immigration system continue to remain the same since the era of Reagan. Although immigration reform may seem trivial, it is, in fact, crucial in terms of today’s concern over the streamlining of legal immigrants, the pathway development in which illegal immigrants can obtain their citizenship, the development of a stronger border security and to put a stop to employers who deliberately employ undocumented laborer.

In addition, proponents are right to argue that America is a nation made up of immigrants whether or not they came to the U.S. legally or illegally. However, President Obama and his administration strive to improve the immigration system. He centered his policy on earned citizenship which allows undocumented immigrants to gain the privilege of becoming an America citizenship if and only if they meet the required criteria. Nevertheless, in the speech delivered by President Barack Obama on November 20th, 2014, he vindicates his perspectives by stating that tracking down, assembling and deporting millions of illegal immigrants that are currently residing in the U.S. to their homeland is not realistic or morally just and not something we as Americans should do. His statement indicated that even with the possibility of carrying out such act it is, in fact, undesirable and will eradicate the lives of those illegal immigrants who just wanted a taste of life more abundant for themselves and their families. While it is true that proving to the United States government and immigration officers that you are a diligent worker who paid the necessary fine for violating the laws of immigration and a fluent speaker in English or learning to speak English it does not necessary follow that amnesty would be granted to the millions of undocumented aliens in the United States.

Although the immigration reform may seem of concern to only a small group of Americans and the population of both illegal and legal aliens within the United States, it should in fact be a concern to anyone who genuinely care about the people who came to America in search of a more suitable lifestyle for themselves and their families. Whether it be to escape harsh religious discrimination faced on a daily basis, an impoverished country, or a lack of political stability; these immigrants, including myself, aspire to experience democracies where the rights we have has humans will be respected and acknowledge. A significant factor in which President Barak Obama’s stances on immigration reform matters is the effectiveness of his manifesto which is more far-reaching the stated trial balloon concerning the undocumented immigrants that is already living within the U.S. Jurisdiction to which previous immigration reform act fail to contain more enterprising constituent for ultimately changing the living status of illegal immigrants that have not met any deal of prosperity when it comes to streamlining the immigration procedure.

Ultimately, what’s at stake here is President Barack Obama’s executive order that will likely result in a compelling force of antagonism from the Republicans. After all, the republicans support the idea of locating all illegal immigrants whether man, woman, or child in high hope for deportation without offering them a pathway to becoming legal citizens of and unquestionably end the citizenship of children born on the U.S. soil to undocumented parents. Along the same lines, the Republican candidate Donald Trump promise to decommission the president’s executive orders if he’s elected to become the president for the next four years in the 2016 presidential election. Of course, most Americans would certainly take the issue with the argument that the republican convenes for deportation is not the answer to America’s problem when dealing with illegal immigrants and the immigrant reform.