There are many reasons why a person may want to get a green card, the main one being that a person intends to live permanently in the United States. However, a green card application needs to be filed carefully and through the help of a legal professional, or a person may completely miss their opportunity to permanently reside in the States due to a refused application.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) follow a very strict screening process before handing out a green card, and even if a person has an authentic application, it may still get refused due to minor errors or due to a persons inability to follow the proper procedure.

If a person is applying for a marriage-based green card, then they may have their application denied if they can not convince the immigration officers that they have a valid and authentic marriage. A person must attach their marriage certificate and they must prove that their previous marriages were properly ended as well before they entered this one.

Simple errors in the green card application can prolong the approval process in San Antonio, Texas


One major reason why many green card applications get rejected is because of simple errors made while filing. A person must review all the application materials before sending it to the USCIS. If a person has a missing signature or a missing form, then the entire process can end up taking much longer than it must for approval.

Common mistakes made during green card applications include:

  • Failing to provide translations alongside the original versions of the required documents
  • Missing information in the forms
  • Missing signatures
  • Issues with the passport-style photos
  • Failure to pay the full fees

Another common issue that comes up during the application process is that it is deemed that a person has insufficient financial resources in the case they are sponsoring their spouse. If a person can not prove they can support their spouse, then they will not be able to get them a green card through marriage.

If a person has a serious criminal record, then they may not be allowed to get a green card either. Also, if a person suffers from specific diseases and they do not pass their medical screening then they may also be prevented from getting their green card.

Many legalities must be followed during the application process, and anyone who is trying to come to the United States should make sure they connect with an experienced immigration lawyer before they go ahead and try to apply for a green card on their own.

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