A country where pure immigrants have made it possible to be a first world country full of opportunities for everyone one would think that it would be easy, the immigration process that is. It is easy, for those who have the money to afford it. Of course this very much depends on the kindness of the world. There are immigration lawyers who are amazingly kind and will not charge too much because the lawyer understands the situation of the immigrant himself. I cannot stress enough how an immigration lawyer is the most important thing an immigrant can have, a good immigration lawyer at that. There are immigration lawyers everywhere, but if one is not careful one can be scammed and end up in a worst situation then when the person started and have an even worse outcome like I have seen too many times unfortunately. An immigration lawyer lets the immigrant understand his or her situation as well as rights, the process of obtaining citizenship and helps one gather every documentation and information that you would need to become said citizen.

You have to know your situation as an immigrant because if you do not you can end up getting lost in the process of obtaining citizenship and that turns out worse for you as the immigrant because it can slow down the process or you can maybe be ineligible receiving the citizenship at a sooner time or at all. A good example is of those who come illegally such as one of my uncles unfortunately. He came here from Latin America and went through the border lasted quite a few years and one day decided to drive around in his car to later on get stopped by the police thankfully they let him go later on, and in that he finally opened his eyes and realized that he needs an immigration lawyer. My uncle told him his whole situation and explained how he came and how in our country, rather his native country where he was born we were extremely poor and that obviously he wanted to come here to obtain a job to help our family out of misery of hunger and disparity.

We all have a backstory for why we come to this country. But obviously no matter the backstory illegal immigration is illegal depending on the situation obviously, because there is seeking asylum where that situation is dire and understandable. My uncle was not seeking asylum though, just a better for future for our family and himself. The immigration lawyer understood this and told him what he already thought was going to be the outcome, asking for a pardon. My uncle did what he was advised knowing that he would have to leave the country for a few years and later he can enter legally and continue the citizenship process. And everything is fine now. But it was because he did what the immigration lawyer advised him instead of doing the opposite.

Immigration lawyers are there only to help the people they give you options that the person should take and from then they help with the documentation helping and doing papers that the immigrant would not understand and maybe even make a mistake to later on have to correct it, or it can be a prodigious mistake and start over again. Immigration lawyers not only help one to understand their immigration status but maybe even help bring loved ones that one desperately desires to have beside them, whether it be loved one or a sister, a mother, a brother and so forth. Where no matter how far one is family is family and you will always miss them no matter what, so thankfully the government helps give the privilege of having that opportunity. And the immigration lawyers could give that information and documentation to do so.

Another advantage and importance of having an immigration lawyer comes in when there are situation where the person is a dreamer, a student who wants to prosper and is younger than sixteen or sixteen at the moment. Along with knowing what a dreamer is one obviously would know, or really heard of DACA or DAPA but probably not know in depth what it actually is and what it entitles so obviously the immigration lawyer is there at the service for anyone who would need that information and help them to go along with the process if they are in need and eligible.

To conclude the existence of immigration lawyers is vital for immigrants everywhere in this world not just the United States because there are immigrants everywhere who are need and there are immigration lawyers everywhere who care and want to help humanity in a positive impact.This is why it is important to have a immigration lawyer