It is equally exciting and nerve-wracking when a person receives the notice from the National Visa Center to come in for their official visa interview appointment. From the beginning of a person’s application, they wait for this notice of the interview because it is one of the final stages before a person can finally gain legal access to the United States.

The visa application process can be a long one and since everyone has a different case, they should reach out to an immigration attorney in San Antonio, Texas to help them with the paperwork. With an attorney assisting a person, they increase their chances of having their application filed much sooner and getting their visa with a lot fewer complications as opposed to if they decided to simply file on their own.

Since the interview is such an integral part of the immigration application process, a person should make sure they are fully prepared for it and that they arrive with all the relevant documents as well as the relevant information in mind.

Once the letter is received and a person knows their dates, they should make sure to have the following articles taken care of before the time of their interview arrives:

1.Arrange and complete the required medical examination by a registered and accepted panel physician

  1. Register for courier service
  2. Gather all the required documentation required at the interview (including photographs, the appointment letter, passports, and supporting and civil documents)

It is vital that a person does not forget to collect the required documentation because if something is forgotten, the visa application process cannot be completed, and it will be further delayed. The original letter that confirmed the interview will mention all the people who are required to show up on the date of the interview and that should be taken care of diligently to prevent any deterrence in the approval process.

A person should also make sure they bring any remaining fees that must be paid for regarding the application process with them to the interview if they have not already paid it in full.

Failure to show up to the visa interview

If a person fails to show up at the interview, they should contact the consulate or U.S Embassy as soon as possible and let them know. If a year passes from the date of their interview and they do not inform anyone of the misunderstanding, then they can have their application terminated. When it comes to the visa application process, dates, timing, and paying attention to the small details is integral for successful visa approval to occur.

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