I know lots of people who have come to the United States of America illegally and legally, but despite either we are all under one category which is immigrants. Deportation can be seen as a good thing by many that do not like it whenever the ones getting the jobs are not from the United States. But the thing is that the incoming immigrants are the ones making it possible for us to live in our regular lives. Immigration does not mean that there are evil people escaping from their own government and them thinking that they can live their horrible lives here in our country. It means that there are people that want to have a better life compared to what they had back in their home land. People leave their home land to live in the United States where they can be free from a government that does not care about them. People have made immigration have a deteriorating definition that can end up making people afraid to come into our great country. And if this happens well our “normal” lives will be full of hard laboring jobs that immigrants were the ones that filled them up in order to have a somewhat decent life for their kids and family. And then the American citizens will know what they have lost in their great society. Immigration is an actual benefit for the United States all simply because they are the ones that take the jobs that nobody wants to take all because the middle classed citizens feel like they are more valuable than the poor Mexican working out in the fields to feed his family, or the Asian woman working in a factory that just wants her children to study. But people see it as if they actually want to take over the United States which is just a misinterpretation as for the reason why immigrants come to the United States of America.

Sure there are immigrants that want to come over to the United States in order to start making terror amongst us as citizens. But it has been said many times that it is not the actions of one evil person that defines our whole group of people. Just like if a Muslim terrorist was to attack the white house, he will make the rest of the Muslim community a disgrace. Or if a Mexican was to go and rob a store and in the process he kills three people. Just by his action there will be people that are not only afraid but also ashamed. Afraid would be the ones that have never met a Mexican person, but the ashamed would be the Mexican community for what he has just done. Our communities try to all move past these accidents and succeed in what now would be their home. There have been so many people that have actually made a difference here and not in their home country.

The reason for that is because they are being suppressed into not being able to do anything, as for being here in the United States they are free to express their ideas and try to also help their home country with some help of the US Government. Refuge from over powering countries is something that we all need and the United States offers that. For example, I know this one family that came from Central America due to the fact that they were facing problems from the cartel. And when they got to American territory they felt a relieve of not having to deal with any more things that the cartel would do to them. And the father got a job as a factory worker, and the mother she started working in burger king. All this happened while their daughter went to school and was able to graduate. I had the honor to meet which such kind and loving people that gave it their all in order for her daughter to be able to graduate. And nobody has ever impacted my life other than them. They were immigrants that came to the United States of America in order to make their dream come true. Of having their daughter graduate here in the united states and knowing what she is going to do in the future, instead of graduating in Central America and her having nothing to do except work straight out of high school.

There are many other people that do travel to the United States in order for their children to have a better education. Then there are other people that come to the united states in order to start their business. People from other countries see the amount of support that they will get, compared to what they will actually get at their own home countries. The way that people get funded here in the United States is like no other, people fight in order to have a great person with a great company on their side. And when there is a possibility like that, nobody will let it pass by without giving it a try to their best in order to get it. So it is kind of hard for immigrants to avoid the greatness of the United States of America. It is a refuge, a place to have a better education, and a place where people know that they will be supported onto making their dream become a reality. This is why immigration cannot be stopped throughout the other countries in order to get to the United States.