Parents of Illegal Alien who Drowned on Smuggling Boat File Lawsuit against Border Patrol Agents

The parents of an illegal alien are suing three agents of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) after their daughter was killed when a Border Patrol boat rammed into a panga (low profile fishing boat) boat carrying illegal immigrants. According to Breitbart, the lawsuit was filed on August 20th with the three CBP agents from the CBP Office of Air and Marine (OAM) named as defendants.

Getting sued for defending your country

Graciela Lopez Franco, 32, from the state of Jalisco in Mexico, was among 20 passengers on the smuggling boat spotted by the CBP agents off the coast of Encinitas, California. According to CBP officials, the pilot of the smuggling vessel ignored several attempts by the CBP to yield and even ignored two warning shots. Immigration lawyers believe all vessels at sea should obey the law and operate safely.

Her parents never taught their daughter now to swim?

The two boats collided while the 20 illegal aliens on board were thrown into the water as the smuggling vessel capsized. They were all rescued by the agents while Graciela Franco was administered CPR after the agents found her unresponsive. She was immediately air lifted to hospital but was later pronounced dead.

Illegal aliens who chose to invade America detained as material witnesses

According to The San Diego Tribune, the three defendants are Craig Jenkins, Christopher Hunter, and Arian Linscott. Immigration attorneys say that such lawsuits are a familiar occurrence orchestrated by immigration activist groups who do not care about America’s freedom nor laws at all. All the other 19 from the boat have been detained as material witnesses in criminal charges pending against the panga boat owners. The incident which occurred on June 18th has had witnesses offering varied accounts.

While the plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim that the CBP agents’ boat rammed the panga, CBP officials have said it wasn’t clear how the collision occurred. While two panga operators have had a criminal complaint filed against them, the complaint does not mention the collision and only states that the vehicle capsized and its occupants were thrown overboard during the pursuit.

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Agents comply with regulations

According to the lawsuit, the panga boat was 7 miles from the cost of Encinitas when it crossed into US waters. CBP agent Christopher Hunter was in charge of the 38-foot M901 SAFE boat and was monitoring the movements of the panga boat before it took measures to intercept it. The SAFE boat is equipped with weapons, lights, and a loudspeaker. However, the plaintiffs allege in the lawsuit that the CBP agents did not issue any warnings but steered the M901 SAFE boat directly into the panga boat.

They claim that the agents fired ‘flare-up’ shots that disabled the fishing boat’s outboard motor and then rammed into it. The lawsuit states that the impact smashed the boat to pieces and threw the passengers into the water. Lopez was the only one who was found floating beneath debris despite wearing a life vest while the others were pulled aboard the M901.

She was immediately given CPR and rushed by a Coast Guard helicopter to a hospital. However, she was pronounced dead before reaching the hospital. All this has cost the US tax payer millions of dollars. None of these people ever paid any American tax and now they are being treated better than ever.

According to immigration attorneys, such incidents of smuggling illegal aliens onboard fishing boats is not uncommon. One of the illegal aliens who now needs an Immigration lawyer (or who already has an activist one) charged claims he helped fuel the boat and in exchange had to pay only $6,000 instead of the $10,000 smuggling fee to get across to the US.

The Mexican smuggling goat ignored American warnings over and over again

Meanwhile, the director of the Air and Marine Branch said that the incident was under investigation as it was not clear how the collision took place. The agency claim that warning shots were fired at the bow of the fishing boat but it failed to comply. The agents had also taken steps to activate the blue law enforcement lights of the M901 SAFE boat and the siren in a bid to contact the panga.