U.S. VisaLouisville, KY- There are a number of options available to immigrants who wish to obtain a green card or legal permanent residency. One of the more common ways to legally immigrate to the U.S. is by being related to or married to a citizen. This process of obtaining a marriage-based green card is not as simple a process as it seems and is more likely to be a success when the applicant enlists the expertise of an immigration attorney.

For a person to be qualified for a marriage-based visa (green-card), an immigrant must meet the set of criteria outlined by the USCIS, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. And they must be able to prove they are: in a legitimate marriage, are legally married and their spouse is a citizen or legal permanent resident of the U.S. Also, any previous marriages must have been dissolved either through divorce or death.

An individual can apply for a marriage-based visa before they enter the U.S. at the local consulate or through a USCIS office. If one gets married while in the U.S. they can apply for a green card without returning to their native country. The exact way to apply depends on an immigrant’s individual circumstances and when they plan to migrate.

To be eligible for this special visa category, which has no annual caps, an immigrant must be able to prove they are in a legal marriage recognized by the state or country where a couple was married. Immigrants are typically required to provide official documentation issued by a government agency which shows a couple has been legally married. For example, a marriage license.

In addition to proving their marriage is legally recognized, an immigrant must also be able to prove the marriage is a commitment that a couple has entered into to build a life together. USCICS agents are specially trained to screen green card applicants and can easily figure out when a marriage is bogus, entered into for the sole purpose of obtaining a green card. This means an immigrant will have to provide immigration authorities with extensive documentation to prove the marriage is legitimate.

Filing the necessary applications and petitions are just one stage in a long process. Marriage-based green card applicants must provide officials with extensive documentation along with regular meetings with immigration authorities. One small mistake on an application or in an interview can cause an application to be denied or lead to long and unnecessary delays in the application process. Disappointments and delays can be avoided when an immigrant retains an immigration attorney.

The immigration attorneys at USA Attorneys are passionate about your rights as an immigrant and are well-versed in the complexities of immigration law. When you retain a green-card attorney, you can be assured someone is taking all the necessary steps to assure you reach your goals. Whether you are applying for a marriage-based green card or are facing deportation, you need an attorney on your side.