New Jersey Immigration Information From Local Lawyers and Attorneys

 People from all over the globe immigrate to America for varying reasons. Economic and employment opportunities abound, and because it is a nation of immigrants, many people come to reunited with family. If you plan on moving to New Jersey, get the advice of attorney in New Jersey.

Immigration in New Jersey

Metropolitan areas in New Jersey have high concentrations of immigrants. In the Jersey City-Newark- New York area, there are over 5.7 million foreign-born nationals, the Migration Policy Institute reports. That figure equates to 20 percent of the overall population of the region.

In 2014, there were approximately 1.9 million immigrants in New Jersey.

54.4 percent of New Jersey’s foreign-born population are naturalized citizens.

Undocumented immigration

The process of legal immigration is challenging, and many immigrants are turned down for a visa, refugee status or legal permanent residency, so some immigrant doesn’t go through the legal process. Attempting to come to the U.S. without authorization or remains with an expired visa is ill-advised and is likely to result in deportation.

Getting authorization

To get authorization for immigration, an individual can apply for a visa or humanitarian relief including refugee status or immigration parole. There several factors which dictate how an immigrant gets legal authorization including the reason for being in the U.S., duration of their stay and what type of employment the immigrant secured. To apply for a visa, an immigrant who is outside of the U.S. should contact the consulate in their native country. If a  New Jersey and need to renew a visa or want to help a family member immigrate, call an attorney.

Immigration via Employment

Work visas are issued to immigrants for seasonal or long-term jobs in New Jersey

Top requested temporary employment visas include:

H-2A-For Temporary Agricultural Workers

H-2B- For Temporary Hospitality Workers

H-3-Trainee or Special Education visitor

H-1B- This type of visa is granted for temporary work to highly educated workers. Some H-1B visa holders have the choice to apply for legal permanent residency.

Immigrant (permanent) visas are issued to individuals who would like to apply for a green card or U.S. naturalization.

Top requested permanent immigrant work visas include:

EB-1- First preference workers

EB-2- Second preference workers with advanced degrees

SD and SR-Visas for Religious workers

Immigration through family, fiancé(e), spouse

Immigrant visas for the family include:

Spouse of a legal permanent resident or  U.S. Citizen

Adoption of orphaned children from other countries

Fiancé(e)- K-visa – For foreign national to marry U.S. citizen

Relation to legal permanent resident or U.S. citizen

New Jersey immigrants can visit the State Department website for a complete list of visas issue by the U.S.

Immigrating to New Jersey can be grueling. It’s easy for an immigrant to make a mistake on an application or say something in an interview that could result in denial of a visa, or another immigration status. If you make a mistake you may be forced to begin the application process again. USAttorneys recommends you to speak with an immigration lawyer in New Jersey if you need help with any immigration status. Our accomplished team of lawyers will stand up for your rights.