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A Spanish visa serves as permission to enter Spain and stay for a specified duration. Typically stamped inside your passport, the type of visa dictates your permissible activities in Spain. Securing a Spain visa involves meeting specific criteria, following procedures, and likely paying a fee. For guidance, it is always wise to consult an immigration law firm.

Enter My Spain Visa, a law firm focusing on business-related trade, Real Estate, and Immigration Regulations in Spain, having processed 450 visas and established 152 companies with a team of experienced young lawyers exceeding a decade in the field.

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Spanish Citizenship

Spanish Citizenship grants various benefits, including voting rights, easy paperwork, and EU mobility. The simplest way to become a resident in Spain is by birth, but other methods exist.

Four Routes to Spanish Citizenship:

  1. Citizenship by Residency: Obtain citizenship after living in Spain for a specified period.
  2. Citizenship by Marriage: Marry a Spanish national and gain citizenship after one year.
  3. Citizenship by Descent: Children of Spanish citizens can claim citizenship.
  4. Citizenship by Option: Specific cases, like adoption by Spanish nationals, allow citizenship.

Application Process: Prepare documents, pass language and cultural tests, submit your application, pledge allegiance, and receive a passport card.

Processing Time: The process usually takes around three years but can be expedited by checking online after one year. Legal assistance is available to streamline the process. We recommend securing your Spanish nationality through expert advice only. Check all the Spanish residency rules.

Non-Lucrative visa Spain 2023

Spain is a popular choice for Americans, Brits, and Europeans looking for a new home and staying long-term. As of 2023, it requires 2,400 euros per month plus 600 euros for each dependent. You can’t work in Spain with a Spanish non lucrative visa, but it doesn’t demand property investment. After one year, it can be renewed every two years, leading to permanent residence. Benefits include no need for economic investment, a path to permanent residence in five years, and Schengen zone travel. Health care is available after a year for a fee. Tax residency is established after 183 days in Spain.

Entrepreneur Visa Spain 2023

Spain’s entrepreneur visa program welcomes non-EU entrepreneurs looking to establish or expand their businesses. MySpanishVisa can guide you through the process. To qualify, your business should align with Spain’s economic needs, prioritize innovation, and fit into technology-driven industries. Spain offers a growing economy, a lower cost of living, and a skilled workforce.

The visa streamlines immigration, requiring less paperwork and granting accelerated residency. To succeed, your business must create jobs, stimulate the economy, align with Spain’s technology and socio-economic development, and demonstrate a solid business plan. Spain supports entrepreneurs with initiatives like “Starting-up in Spain” and offers various visa options, including investor visas and visas for highly qualified professionals.


Self-employed visa Spain

Prior to seeking a self-employment visa in Spain, ensure a personal application, submit paperwork 90 days before travel, and retrieve the visa within a month of notice. Prerequisites are non-EU status, age 18+, and a clean criminal record spanning 5 years. Documents must be in Spanish or translated by an accredited translator. The process involves embassy appointments, document collection, embassy feedback, and visa pickup.

In Spain, obtain an NIE, register for taxation, contribute to social security, open a bank account, and acquire necessary licenses. As self-employed, you must file taxes, maintain financial records, and meet social security obligations. Consider opening a Spanish bank account for easier financial transactions.

Taxation includes income tax and VAT based on regional rates. Social security contributions grant access to benefits like maternity leave, health care, and pension provision. Choose a suitable legal business structure, follow employment regulations when hiring staff, and consider business insurance. Shared office spaces are popular. Opportunities exist for English speakers in Spain, so applying for a self-employed or Spain freelance visa can lead to new prospects.

These are a few visa services offered by MySpainVisa. For more details, you should contact them directly.


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