Immigration, an important and controversial topic that is circulating around in our culture today. It causes overpopulation, people lose their jobs, and the economy starts to deteriorate. So what can be done? The easiest solution that everyone flocks to is deportation, but is it the right answer? How effective is it and how morally correct is it? I aim to answer these questions and present the idea that maybe a different solution should be considered.


Deportation is defined as removing a foreigner from a country. When an illegal immigrant gets caught trying to get into the United States illegally they are removed and sent back, or in other words, deported. While it helps to keep the amount of illegals in our country controlled, it is far from perfect. One problem with it, is actually finding and deporting foreigners from our home soil. How can we find every single one that is in the entire United States, find where they are from, and send them back? That would require a tremendous amount of time and money that we just cannot afford. Think about how many people make up the United States, that is a tremendous amount of people to search and ensure that they are legal residents. And even if we found all of them, how would we remove them? Some are not as easy as just packing them in a bus and driving them across the border like with Mexico. Some immigrate from overseas by plane or by boat. How can we afford to take boatloads and planeloads of people across the sea and then return to do it again? We are already in debt so we cannot afford to be burning that much fuel and oil.


Another issue is a moral conflict. For example, in Syria, if someone’s home was destroyed and he had nowhere to go but someone could smuggle him and his family over to the US for free, that would be a blessing to him. He could find work and afford to feed his family and keep them alive, but he couldn’t afford to become a citizen of the US so he gets deported back to a war torn country where he doesn’t know if he’ll wake up tomorrow or if his son or daughter will have food or water. Who says that we have the right to do that? How can we so easily send a family back to a place where they are starving and dieing in the streets and yet we sit back and gorge ourselves at the local McDonalds and thrownaway and waste our scraps just because we don’t want them? How is that any different from sentencing a man to death? Sending people back to a place they needed to get away from is a solution that is both unethical and barbaric. Maybe instead of sending someone back to a country plagued by wars, send them to a place with a moderate population where they can set up a life and not worry about overpopulation and not have to worry about the crisis that they wanted to leave behind.


A final issue is the fact that there are so many immigrants that have taken our jobs that if we deported them, there would be so many jobs that are underemployed that they’d start collapsing since nobody knows how to do them or just don’t want to do them since immigrants have been doing them for years. And if it immigrants are gone, deported to another country, we can’t exactly bring them back to fill those gaping holes. Over 8 million illegal immigrants have been recorded in the workforce. Granted most of them aren’t performing major jobs such as doctors or judges, they still are doing important jobs in our community that if we got rid of all of them, we’d be so understaffed in every single field of work that there would be total chaos as we’d be scrambling to fill these holes. I’m not saying that this isn’t a problem, but I am saying that deportation is not an effective solution, since as stated previously, once we deport these workers, that’s it, they are not coming back. Maybe instead of deporting, start making natural born citizens go through generalized training to cover some of the jobs that immigrants are doing so that they can take these jobs if needed, and have illegals perform some of the very unwanted jobs to earn citizenship.


So in conclusion, deportation is a solution. I’m not going to say that it is not a solution, but it’s not the right solution. As stated previously, it has impacts morally, economically and in truth is not the most effective. There are plenty of answers out there, but people can’t see past prejudices that have been presented through media and through having a negative connotation applied to every single immigrant out there. Granted there are some very bad people who immigrate and definitely should be kicked out of here, but some are just families that are trying to make it in life. We need to solve this problem, because the overpopulation in this country is a problem, but we also need to solve it in a way that it doesn’t violate the rights that everybody deserves as people, not as Americans, or as Mexicans, or as Syrians, but as people.