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 The U.S. is a destination for immigrants from every continent who want to get a good education, find a better or be with a loved one. U.S. immigration agencies issue millions of visas to immigrants for a ranger or purposes.

Immigration in Missouri

Just 3.7 percent of Missouri’s population was foreign-born in 2014, the Migration Policy Institute reports. Asians account for 31 percent of the state’s immigrant population while Latinos accounted for 27.9 percent.

Immigrating to the U.S. is very challenging, time-consuming and many visas or asylum applications are denied, so some immigrants decide to enter the U.S.

Immigrating to the U.S. can be demanding, so some immigrants come to America before getting authorization or remaining in the U.S. even when their visa is invalid. Entering the U.S. without authorization is illegal and has numerous consequences including deportation.

Maine participates in the immigration enforcement program called Secure Communities. Under the federal program, law enforcement officers are required to check on the immigration status of immigrants who they arrest and suspect of being undocumented.

Visa categories

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of Homeland Security issue millions of visas to foreign nationals each year. An immigrant can apply for an immigrant (permanent) or nonimmigrant (temporary). The visa a person applies for is contingent on how long an applicant wants to stay in the U.S.

Immigrant visas include:

Visas issued to a spouse of a U.S. citizen or green card holder

Visas for a fiancé(e) of a U.S. citizen

DV- Diversity Visa

Nonimmigrant visas include:

H-1B Visas- Highly-skilled workers with at least a bachelor’s degree

H-2B Visas- Temporary visa for employment in the agricultural industry

H-2B Visas- Temporary visa for workers in the hospitality industry

Immigration statuses

Refugees status- Some immigrants don’t need to get a visa because they are granted asylum. Refugees from countries that are ravaged by war or individuals who are at risk of being persecuted are granted asylum and given permission to work and live in the U.S. long-term. The Department of Homeland Security granted 85,000 refugees asylum for the 2016 fiscal year ending in September.

Legal permanent resident status- If a visa holder remains in good standing, they can apply for legal permanent resident status (green card). When an immigrant becomes a legal permanent resident, they are granted work authorization and can live Missouri indefinitely. Green card holders can sponsor spouses and family members for a visa or a green card.

Naturalized citizen- The goal of most immigrants is to become a U.S. citizen. It’s a worthy goal but becoming a naturalized citizen is complicated, and immigrants must overcome numerous hurdles. An immigrant needs assistance if they want their citizenship application to be successful. Becoming an American citizen is rewarding but quite a challenge, which is why USAttorneys recommends you get assistance with your citizenship applications and interviews.

If you are an immigrant need help with an immigration issue or want to sponsor a loved one for immigration, USAttorneys can connect you with an attorney. We have a skilled and dedicated team of immigration attorneys in Missouri you can contact a set up a consultation. When you need a travel visa, an adjustment of status, green card application or a deportation defense.