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 The U.S. is a popular destination for tourists. It’s also top destination for immigrants seeking economic or educational opportunities or individuals who want more freedoms. No matter what an immigrant’s reason for coming to the U.S., if they want to settle down or work in Mississippi, they must get the correct visa or enter through other legal recourses.

Immigration in Mississippi

Compared to some states, Mississippi has a low number of immigrants. The Migration Policy Institute reports that in 2014, just 2.2 percent of Mississippi residents were foreign-born nationals which amounts to 65,150 immigrants. Most immigrants in the Magnolia State are noncitizens, which can include visa holders, legal permanent residents and refugees. Just 35 percent of immigrants in Mississippi are naturalized citizens.

Means of legal immigration

It can take a long time to get legal authorization, so some immigrants enter the U.S. illegally and live as undocumented immigrants. That is an unwise decision because illegal entry has consequences and an immigrant could be forbidden from returning to the U.S.

Entry through visa

Unless an immigrant is a refugee or on immigration parole, they must get a visa to get enter the U.S. Visas are awarded for temporary employment (nonimmigrant visa) or for permanent employment or residency (immigrant visa). Following are the most frequently applied for visas:

Visas based on employment- Employment visas are usually issued for temporary or permanent work in the U.S. to immigrants with all levels of skill and talent.

Family-based visas- U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents can sponsor a spouse, child or parent or other relative for a visa or green card.

Fiancé (e)visa – A fiancé(e) or K visa is issue to persons engaged to U.S. citizens. If an immigrant is granted a fiancé vise, the couple must marry within 90 days of the visa holder’s entry

H-1B visa- An H-1B visa is reserved for immigrants with exceptional skills and a bachelor’s degree at minimum.

Entry through asylum

Asylum- The U.S. is one of many countries that offer asylum to immigrants who live in physical danger. In 2015, the U.S. admitted 85,000 refugees from all over, the Pew Research Center reports. Immigrants who live in countries plague by war or face persecution can immigrate to the U.S. after they go through an intensive vetting process.

Legal permanent resident

In 2013, the U.S. granted legal permanent residency (green cards) to over 990,000 immigrants, according to statistics from the Migration Policy Institute. Legal permanent residents  can work and live in America on a permanent basis. Immigrants who are sponsored by a family member who with legal permanent residency or citizenship can apply for a green card.

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