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 Scores of immigrants flow in and out of the America every year, and the country is home to approximately 42 million foreign-born nationals. Some are in the U.S. temporarily to visit or work a seasonal job, but other immigrants come to America and settle in Massachusetts to be reunited with family or begin building a life in the states.

Immigration in Massachusetts

In 2014, roughly 15.7 percent of Massachusetts’ population was foreign-born data from the Migration Policy Institute shows.

Over 50 percent of foreign-born nationals are naturalized citizens. (MPI)

An immigrant who wishes to move to Massachusetts needs to follow the legal route which begins with applying for a visa. After getting a visa and meeting their residency requirements, an immigrant can apply for a green card then citizenship.

The legal immigration process can take a long time, and a large number of visa applications are not approved, so some immigrants enter the country illegally stay after their visa expires. Being undocumented puts an immigrant at risk of being detained and deported and possibly barred from reentering the U.S.

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Means of authorized entry

Most immigrants gain legal entry by obtaining a visa which is issued by the USCIS for travel, work, or to be reunited with family or a loved one. Below are common visa categories:

An employment-based visa-An immigrant can request a temporary or permanent employment depending on their skill level and work experience.

Family-based visas- U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents (green card holders) can sponsor a relative including a spouse, child or parent for immigration to the U.S.

Visa for future spouse- U.S. citizens can sponsor someone who lives outside the U.S. for a fiancé(e) visa, but they must marry within 90 days of the foreign-born national’s entry.

Other means of authorized entry

Asylum –Immigrants who come from countries ravaged by war or violence, or immigrants who face persecution at home are allowed to resettle in the U.S. The U.S. admitted 85,000 refugees from all over world in fiscal year ending September 2016, according to the Pew Research Center.

Humanitarian parole- Individuals who can provide a public benefit or who deserve humanitarian relief can enter the country to work and live while conditions remain poor in their native countries. You can learn more about Humanitarian Parole by visiting the USCIS website:

Legal permanent residency or green card

Many immigrants who come to the U.S. hope to get a green card or legal permanent resident status which allows them to work and live in the U.S. as long as they reapply and stay out of legal trouble. Get more information about green cards by visiting:

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